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Frequently asked questions about Visionnaire, and Services provided.

It is a Brazilian software company that has been operating in the corporate software development market for over 25 years, with clients in all Brazilian states and abroad. It operates in a remote format, and its headquarters are located in Pinhais, a city in the metropolitan region of Curitiba, in the state of Paraná, in Brazil.

Visionnaire is completing almost 25 years of experience developing software of all complexities. During this process, we aim to transform our customers' business with the use of technology.
We add our experience in the field of information technology with the experience that our customers have in their sectors to produce solutions. This "union" of two different experiences is what we call connecting experiences.
"We connect experiences to transform a business into systems of all complexities."
Visionnaire mainly offers software systems development services.
It has a strong presence in corporate systems of companies with a great need for investments in Information Technology (IT). He has a wealth of experience in technologies widely used in such systems. But Visionnaire also has experience in developing systems for the modern world of web apps and mobile applications.
In the product area, Visionnaire has its own Content Management System (CMS), which is Visionnaire WebPublication, as well as specific products developed and maintained for our customers, such as TecBan Interbank Switch.
Visionnaire offers services related to the development and maintenance of software systems in general:
  • Systems development services.
  • Systems implementation, maintenance and support services.
  • Services related to all workflows and phases of a software development process, such as Requirements Survey, System Analysis, System Design, Coding, Technology Transfer and Testing.
  • First-level third-party service services with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Outsourcing services in general (by outsourcing we understand how out = outsourcing, sourcing = supply or supply, ie supplying outsourcing, which is what we do by providing these services to our customers who do not have as their main business developing systems).
  • Allocation of specialized personnel in the area of computer science.
  • IT infrastructure support services (Information Technology).
  • Outsourcing services in general, when necessary for our clients, from this outsourcing of systems development, through outsourcing of specialized personnel and going to outsourcing IT infrastructure (maintenance of systems in production in datacenters in the cloud).
  • Consulting specialized in IT (Information Technology).
The main product that Visionnaire offers is WebPublication.
Visionnaire WebPublication is a Content Management System for Internet Portals, intranets and extranets, also known as a CMS system, for Content Management System.
Visionnaire also has products developed for customers that are maintained by the company's technical team, Visionnaire acts in the development and maintenance / support of systems, among some of these systems are:
TecBan Interbancos Switch. TecBan - Tecnologia Bancária SA financial transaction processing system This system is at the heart of all the financial processing of the 24 Hours Network in Brazil, which includes TecBan's own red boxes (approximately 15,000 spread throughout the country) and automatic teller machines Of the shared network, which is the network of banks that allows integrated processing with the 24 Hour Network, in this case with more than 80,000 ATMs from various banks throughout Brazil and abroad.

Unimed Attendance System (SIGA). Customer Service System of Unimed Curitiba and Unimed Paranaguá, which is operated by the attendants of Unimed, both in the attendance units and in the call center, altogether more than 700 thousand policyholders are served with the use of this system.

Additionally Visionnaire has its own products focused on optimizing the software development process, which are reused in projects and in the creation of other products, allowing greater productivity and cost reduction for our customers. Some of these custom products are based on open standards (free software).
By outsourcing, we mean: out = outsourcing, sourcing = source or supply.
That is, supply from outside, which is what we do by providing these services to our customers who do not have as the main business the development of systems. It is an expression in English usually translated into Portuguese as outsourcing.
Therefore, for a company, outsourcing development means getting from a source outside the company the development of software systems.
For a definition of outsourcing see the previous answer.
By application we mean any software product used by companies, such as Management Systems (or ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning), Customer Relationship Systems (or what is known as CRM - Customer Relationship Management), internal systems of a company (such as internal HR systems that many companies have), among others. The application can also be called applications in some cases, although today's applications lead to understanding mobile applications or the web (in English is abbreviated to apps). Infrastructure systems such as computer operating systems (Windows, Linux, OSX) are not considered applications, applications run "on top" of the existing infrastructure.
Therefore, for a company, application outsourcing means getting from an outside source the development, customization, integration, maintenance or support of systems, which have an application involved.

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