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Recruiting, Allocating and Outsourcing qualified professionals for your IT project

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Does your company seek an IT Professional for a specific, long-term or permanent project? Visionnaire identifies your need and finds the ideal profile for your business, with targeted searches focused on your request.

Benefits package

We present some advantages of using our Allocation, Outsourcing and Recruitment service:

Custom Search - Visionnaire | Professional Services

Custom Search

We perform targeted searches are focused on the profile of their needs, adapting the company's preferences.

Exclusive Tools - Visionnaire | Professional Services

Exclusive Tools

Process carried out by specialized professionals through unique search tools, identifying profiles and selecting candidates for analysis.

New labor law - Visionnaire | Professional Services

New labor law

Visionnaire is prepared to comply with the changes stipulated in the Labor Reform, which entered into force on November 11, 2017.

Law of Outsourcing - Visionnaire | Professional Services

Law of Outsourcing

On March 31, 2017, the new Outsourcing Law was sanctioned in Brazil, and Visionnaire is inside and acting in due compliance.

Always the Best - Visionnaire | Professional Services

Always the Best

By rigorously following the stages of our process, we carefully select the best professionals to work with in your business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Visionnaire | Professional Services

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our ideology is to assist your company in a professional solution of quality, always delivering the best results and optimizing your process.

According to your demand:

Visionnaire works in a 3 steps process to identify and always select the best professional profiles for your business:


Allocation, Contracting or Outsourcing

Does your company need an IT professional for a specific, long-term or permanent project? We have identified your need and found the ideal profile resource whit your project. The recruitment process is rigorous, ensuring the selection of professionals according to their objetive.

We consider the constant technical improvement of the candidates, seeking updated professionals according to the different technologies and methodologies of the market.



Visionnaire has its own professionals and a large network of talents to initiate its project, identifying candidates and assembling teams with quality and speed.

Our team of specialists work with identification, people management and complete profile analysis tools, providing control, time optimization and investment solutions for you and your company.

3º | Professional Right!

According to defined objective

With the identified profile and whith all the necessary qualifications for the position requested, the negotiations are carried out in order to establish the process between the professional and the applicant.

We emphasize that all points involving the Labor Law and the Law of Outsourcing are part of the process, in accordance with the changes that came into effect in the year 2017. Our ideology is to assist your company in a professional solution, aiming at the best path and the best results.

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