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Outsource with Visionnaire and Save more time focusing on your business, technology is Our Business


These days, outsourcing is a must. In a highly dynamic market, where innovations are ever faster, it is essential for each company to excel in its field of activity. Focus on your business and outsource the development and maintenance of systems with Visionnaire. We are a company focused on software, with more than 27 years of experience.


Focus on your Business - Visionnaire | Outsourcing IT

Focus on your Business

Focus on your business and leave the technology to us. We have 27 years of experience in the market and we work in partnership with your team.

Agility - Visionnaire | Outsourcing IT


Be more agile in your software processes. We have professionals specialized in the most varied technologies to speed up your project.

Outsourcing Law - Visionnaire | Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing Law

In 2017, the new outsourcing law was sanctioned in Brazil, allowing temporary hiring and legalizing the outsourcing of core activities.

Simplicity - Visionnaire | Outsourcing IT


Start and end contracts simply and quickly, without bureaucracy, barriers and delays. Outsource and accelerate your projects.

Flexibility of Labor Laws - Visionnaire | Outsourcing IT

Flexibility of Labor Laws

On November 11, 2017, the new labor reform came into effect, which made the Brazilian CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws) more flexible and recognized the new outsourcing law.

No Risks - Visionnaire | Outsourcing IT

No Risks

Outsource to a company specialized in the area, focused on IT and with more than 27 years of experience, so there are no risks for your business.


The Future of Work

The future of work is dynamic, agile, on demand and remote, with each professional specializing and bringing more value to their tasks. Count on Visionnaire to leverage your IT projects with highly specialized professionals in their areas.

Outsourcing is Legal

Brazil has changed in terms of working relationships: outsourcing is legal, and all companies are outsourcing complementary activities to their business to specialists. Visionnaire is focused on software, and we help your company with outsourcing initiatives.

No Hassle

Get to know our processes aimed at outsourcing and don't have any problems: our process is simple, agile and legal, making outsourcing happen easy and spontaneous in your company, always with quality and aiming to improve your business.


Focus on your business while Visionnaire focuses on technology. We specialize in software and work with systems of all complexities. We unite our customers' industry experience with our software expertise to enhance businesses.

Productive Partnership

We build lasting partnerships, add value and strategically support our clients' businesses. By outsourcing IT to Visionnaire, your company optimizes costs and creates a "win-win" relationship in the quest for productivity.


We have great flexibility in technologies and teams: we work with all software technologies and with teams large and small; we work with temporary outsourcing and increase in personnel, in accordance with the new outsourcing and flexibility law of the CLT.


We work together with our customers to achieve success in their projects. Have Visionnaire as a partner in IT outsourcing and make your software projects come out of paper and delivered. We have countless success cases in which we combine the experience of our customers in their fields with our experience in software to deliver successful projects!

Tools and Technologies


Don't worry about the bureaucracy and formalization of contracts: we have an agile process for all legal forms of hiring (CLT, Legal Entity, Pro-labore, Internship and Work Cooperative) and we can adapt to the most appropriate format for your company, allowing you to focus on productivity.

New Laws

Laws and working relationships have changed a lot in Brazil in recent years, adapting to the reality that already existed in the market and approaching to the most modern models of developed countries. We use technology to accelerate and streamline processes within the law.

Remote Work

The new law that made the CLT more flexible recognizes remote work, and the outsourcing law allows remote work even for core activities. We use modern tools to manage and monitor professionals working remotely, following the same standards as Silicon Valley startups.


We use tools and techniques to monitor outsourced professionals following planning and goals using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and OKRs (Objective and Key Results). For this we use products like 15Five, Weekdone, Jira, Granatum and internal tools.


We work with specialized products for HR and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to manage the entire third-party lifecycle process. Among the tools we use for ATS are Gupy, Abler, Trello and Jira.

Outsourcing Management

We manage outsourced professionals through a dedicated professional from our team for third-party management, all this at no additional cost to you, allowing better monitoring of third parties and more peace of mind, predictability and quality.

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