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Develop Mobile Applications to Meet the Age Generation Digital Generation

We live in the Mobile Age

Mobile Apps (Apps) are everywhere, as the saying goes "There's an App for That!", Almost everything we need is on the phone. Visionnaire has been developing apps since 2007, when the iPhone was released, and we're getting better every day. Come to the era of mobility!


Meet the Millenials - Visionnaire | Application Development

Meet the Millenials

The Millenials are the new generation, which was born digital, meet the digital generation with Visionnaire.

There's an App for That! - Visionnaire | Application Development

There's an App for That!

As the saying goes, "There is an application for this!". Does your company have an app for your customers?

Corporate Apps - Visionnaire | Application Development

Corporate Apps

The corporate world is migrating to mobile applications, Visionnaire joins enterprise experience with application development.

Consumer Age - Visionnaire | Application Development

Consumer Age

The mobile applications have all gotten accustomed to quality software in the palm of the hands, the users have become consumers.

UX and Prototypes - Visionnaire | Application Development

UX and Prototypes

Ability to prototype quickly with modern design is key to entry into the mobile market.

Direct Channel - Visionnaire | Application Development

Direct Channel

Applications are a new channel for direct access to your user, Visionnaire integrates Apps with existing systems.


Since 2007

In 2007 Apple's Steve Jobs took the stage and said that the iPhone would revolutionize the world and that was 5 years ahead of the competition. In the same year Visionnaire was one of the first companies to develop iPhone application accredited as Apple Developer.

Native Applications

We develop native apps when appropriate, taking advantage of the speed and greater capabilities of mobile devices by following the style guidelines of each platform (Apple iOS or Google Android).

Innovation and Modernity

Visionnaire brings together experience and innovation as no one, with more than 25 years in the market developing software and more than 12 years developing applications, we help your company innovate and serve its customers in a modern way.

Cloud Integration

The mobile app is only part of the process, the "Front-end" part. In most projects the greatest complexity is on the server side, in the cloud (the part of "Back-end") and in this aspect Visionnaire has excellence.

Hybrid Applications

We have developed applications with hybrid technology allowing the same source code base for all platforms (iOS, Android and Web), achieving a high degree of reuse, cost reduction and productivity.

Mobile First and Mobile Only

We follow your Mobile Strategy, whether it's a strategy with Web applications or a strategy of only mobile applications, Visionnaire covers your challenge by adding in the process of transforming your business into the digital age of mobile.

The World is Mobile

We live in the era of mobility, almost all the services you need are on the phone, in the palm of your hand. Transform your business with Visionnaire, come to the mobile era.

Tools and Technologies

Objective-C and Swift

Visionnaire develops for the iOS platform natively using Objective-C and Swift languages ​​following Apple's programming guidelines. Since 2007, we have been one of the first companies in Brazil to join the Apple Developer Program.

Ionic Framework

We work with application development in a hybrid way, using frameworks such as the Ionic Framework, Onsen UI, Flutter and NativeScript. We use PhoneGap and Angular together with JavaScript to allow cross-platform reuse.


Visionnaire is a specialist in software development with integration into enterprise systems, we heavily use REST API based platforms in a distributed microservice environment, enabling seamless communication of mobile applications with cloud services.

Java and Kotlin

Visionnaire develops for the Android platform natively using Java and Kotlin languages, following Google's style guides and desing material. Development in Java is in the DNA of Visionnaire since our foundation.

React Native

Since its launch React and React Native have grown rapidly in use in the developer community, inspired by concepts of functional and reactive programming have revolutionized the way applications are built. We work with React when we need more speed.

Prototyping and UX

We use application prototyping tools to better develop the user experience (UX). Among the tools we use are: Zeplin, Invision App and Marvel App. We also work with Xcode Playgrounds for native iOS development.

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