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Experience with all sizes of projects, from a Prototype to Large, High Scale Projects

From MVP to Microservices

Visionnaire has over 27 years of experience in developing software projects across all industries. We work from the prototype of an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to long-term projects based on microservices and high scale in the cloud.


Innovative Projects - Visionnaire | Software Projects

Innovative Projects

A pioneer in software development, Visionnaire has always worked with innovative projects and systems integration.

From Idea to System - Visionnaire | Software Projects

From Idea to System

From an idea to the system in production, Visionnaire is your partner in your software project.

Startups Experience - Visionnaire | Software Projects

Startups Experience

We work with countless Startups in order to bring their systems and business to market.

Experience in Large Projects - Visionnaire | Software Projects

Experience in Large Projects

Visionnaire has extensive experience in large projects in all sectors.

Well Defined Process - Visionnaire | Software Projects

Well Defined Process

We have a well-defined methodology and process that will help your project succeed.

Partner in Projects - Visionnaire | Software Projects

Partner in Projects

Count on Visionnaire's partnership to develop your project and join thousands of successful projects delivered.


Prototype and MVP

Visionnaire helps you with your project, even at an early stage, by developing a prototype or MVP (Minimal Viable Product). We use best practices from Silicon Valley Startups to make your project a success.

Great Projects

We have more than 27 years of experience in projects of all complexities, having participated in numerous large-scale projects, with special emphasis on the Finance, Telecommunications and Health sectors, with several large-scale projects delivered.

Millions of Users

We have already delivered more than 2,498 projects for more than 200 clients. Together we have systems serving hundreds of millions of users in Brazil and around the world in strong>all sectors, with far-reaching projects in the areas of Finance, Telecommunications and Health.

Experience and Innovation

We unite more than 27 years of experience in software development with an innovative spirit that permeates our name (Visionaries). This union of experience and innovation allows a better and more qualified delivery of projects for our clients.

Project Management

Visionnaire has experienced professionals in Project Management, following the best practices defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge), with years of experience in complex projects.

High Scale Success Cases

We have several successful cases of large projects, using the best Project Management practices and modern technologies such as Microservices Architecture running on Virtual Machines distributed in the cloud.

Excellence in Project Management

Visionnaire has more than 27 years of experience in project management of all complexities, combining experience and innovation to make our clients' projects successful.

Tools and Technologies


We use software prototyping tools to better capture the users' desire. Among the tools we use are Balsamiq, Mockflow, Axure, Invision App and Marvel App.


In projects with strict schedule control, Visionnaire uses Microsoft Project or equivalent tools in the cloud, such as Jira, SmartSheet or Asana, adhering to the best practices of PMI and PMBOK.

Cloud Management

We always have the goal to both manage and monitor projects using cloud tools to the best of our efforts. We use Jira Cloud, generating metrics and productivity indicators that are monitored by our clients in real time.

Scrum / Agile

Software project management has changed a lot in recent years, and today the watchword is agility, so we combine the professionalism of a well-done management with the speed and agility that modern projects demand.

Help Desk / Contact Center

Our customers interact with the development teams by opening tickets in Help Desk tools. We use Jira Issues and Zendesk for tier one customer service, as well as bugtracking tools from Atlassian and GitLab.


Visionnaire can take all of your Business Process Management (BPM) in a complete, integrated and productive way, allowing you to focus completely on your business, leaving technical complexity to us.

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