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Quality technical support for your company's Systems


Count on Visionnaire for your IT systems technical support needs for your IT. We rely on highly skilled professionals and provide local or remote support for new or existing systems. We work with technical support in computing, networks, databases, local infrastructure and the cloud. Contact Visionnaire and solve your technical support problems!


Technical Support - Visionnaire | Support Maintenance

Technical Support

Get quality, focused and fast technical support for your IT systems.

Maintenance and Support - Visionnaire | Support Maintenance

Maintenance and Support

In addition to support, we can carry out the evolutionary maintenance and support of your systems, as we are a software factory.

New or Existing Systems - Visionnaire | Support Maintenance

New or Existing Systems

We work with new or existing systems, providing the best technical support for its users.

Network Support - Visionnaire | Support Maintenance

Network Support

Keep your Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) running smoothly for your business.

Server Support - Visionnaire | Support Maintenance

Server Support

We support on-premises or cloud servers on all technologies (Windows, Linux or dedicated Virtual Machines).

Support in Databases - Visionnaire | Support Maintenance

Support in Databases

Have professionals dedicated to maintaining and optimizing your databases for greater speed of your systems.


Decades of Experience

Visionnaire has more than 27 years of experience in the technology-focused market, with numerous success cases. We develop, support and maintain mission-critical software across multiple systems for our customers.


We work with Service Level Agreement (SLA) tools to meet the deadline and quality demands of our customers, generating greater value for your business.

Specialized Team

We have professionals specialized in systems, network, database and Internet support, always with great service, allowing your users to focus on the best use of the systems.

Help Desk and Service Desk

We work with all levels of support (first, second and third levels) using tools for opening and monitoring tickets that come from dashboards and productivity indicators.


In cases of critical and priority systems, we have teams that work 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that your systems and infrastructure don't go down, causing you to don't lose business or customers.

Remote or Local Support

We work with local teams, at your headquarters, as well as with remote teams that can provide support services and maintain your systems in the best way of balance between cost and benefit that you find most suitable.


Visionnaire is a highly qualified company in the most varied technologies. We have been working with software technologies since 1996, going through several technological waves, and we have experienced professionals while investing in innovation. Support your company's systems with people you know. Learn more about our services and solutions and focus technical support on people you care about. We love technology, we love seeing our customers happy!

Tools and Technologies

Service Desk

We have Service Desk and HelpDesk tools for opening, monitoring and following up support calls, seeking to keep our customers' systems always up and running. We work with Jira Service Desk and Zendesk and automations with Selenium, IFTTT and Zapier.

DNS and Firewall

We are specialized in DNS (Domain Name System) configurations and Firewalls for security and protection of our client's systems. We work with CloudFlare and Firewall configurations from different brands, such as Cisco, HP, Dell, Fortinet, Ubiquiti and pfSense.


We work with LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) configurations to make your network integrated, fast and secure. We specialize in advanced configurations using the CloudFlare platform, improving the security and performance of your systems.


We work with support and maintenance of relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL), databases in the cloud (Google Cloud SQL, Azure SQL, Amazon Aurora and Redshift) and non-relational databases (NoSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB and Elastic).

Routers and Switches

We configure networks with routers and switches (managed and unmanaged) from the most varied brands, including Cisco, HP, LinkSys and Dell. We work with 1, 10 and 100 Gb Ethernet configurations and higher speeds (Terabit Ethernet - TbE standard).


We have support and service processes with SLAs (Service Level Agreements), performing first, second and third level services using SLM (Service Level Management) tools in the cloud that can be monitored by customers


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