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Count on Visionnaire to Support, Maintenance and Evolution of your systems


In today's digital business, a stopped or malfunctioning system means lost money. Visionnaire has extensive experience in systems development and deployment. We work with on-site technical support, remote support, support on cloud platforms, systems support, corrective maintenance, evolutionary maintenance and, if necessary, new developments through our software factory. Talk to us and no longer have stopped systems!


DevSecOps - Visionnaire | Managed Services


DevOps implies security, so get the benefits of DevOps without sacrificing system security.

High Availability - Visionnaire | Managed Services

High Availability

Keep your systems up and running smoothly as we deploy contingencies and automated backups.

Multicloud - Visionnaire | Managed Services


Work with multiple cloud platforms and maximize the development and deployment of your systems.

24/7 Monitoring - Visionnaire | Managed Services

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor your systems 24/7 so you can sleep soundly.

Cloud Migration - Visionnaire | Managed Services

Cloud Migration

Migrate your systems and infrastructure to the cloud and benefit from availability, scalability, security and cost savings.

Specialized Team - Visionnaire | Managed Services

Specialized Team

Count on a team specialized in network, cloud, database and Internet support to keep your systems 100% up and running.



Amazon first launched the AWS platform in 2002 with a technical focus and directed to SOAP Web Services technology. The platform was completely rethought and, in 2006, it was relaunched with the new concept of integrated systems in the cloud.
Amazon nailed it! With billionaire investments and reusing its own experience and infrastructure to offer datacenter services to the market, the AWS unit became the market leader and created a complete new category of business. Currently, Amazon's AWS subsidiary is the largest cloud infrastructure and services company, beating all competitors combined!
Visionnaire has expertise in deploying, configuring, running and optimizing services on the AWS platform. We specialize in creating and maintaining VMs (Virtual Machines) and in the optimal operation of all Amazon cloud services. Especially, we have a differential in services aimed at DevOps and CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery).


Google entered the cloud services market after Amazon. Also using the same infrastructure and the same processes for its internal systems, the company offered world-class cloud infrastructure to the market.
The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solution has a better cost-benefit ratio for Brazilian companies, as it has many of the services at a lower cost than AWS, but with the same performance and high availability.
Visionnaire specializes in Google Cloud, currently having several deployments in high-scale production using Microvirtualization, Docker, Kubernetes and Microservices Platform. We also use the GCP solution for our internal implementations.


Microsoft, with its power of being one of the largest companies in the world, used its great asset, that is, its client and user base, and entered the cloud market with the Azure solution. This was Satya Nadella's most audacious strategy when he took over the giant company, a strategy that worked.
Currently, the Azure Cloud Services unit is the fastest growing unit within Microsoft. Microsoft's installed base of Windows systems customers was initially slow to migrate to the cloud, but is currently migrating faster than local system deployments. Allied to this, Microsoft has made billionaire investments in Artificial Intelligence (investment in Open AI) and in high-growth Startups (investment in the Vision Fund) that will further boost Azure.
Visionnaire has known and implemented systems in the Microsoft world since its foundation. We work with Windows systems and we also deploy Linux virtual servers in Azure. We configure AD (Active Directory) and LDAP (Lighweight Directory Access Protocol) in the cloud and migrate your Local Network to a Cloud Network.

Tools and Technologies

Service Desk

We have Service Desk and HelpDesk tools for opening, monitoring and following up support calls, seeking to keep our customers' systems up and running. We work with Jira Service Desk and Zendesk and automations with Selenium, IFTTT and Zapier.


We work with multiple cloud solutions both in platform and storage in heterogeneous architectures. We implement private clouds and configure solutions in public clouds, obtaining a greater return on your company's cloud investments.


Software has changed a lot, today it is not enough just to develop a software system: it is necessary to operate continuously in production, with monitoring and alarm generation 24/7 and continuous updates and evolutions. We specialize in DevOps.


We work with support and maintenance of relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL), databases in the cloud (Google Cloud SQL, Azure SQL, Amazon Aurora and Redshift) and non-relational databases (NoSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB and Elastic).


We work with the main world datacenters and with national datacenter companies and configure their systems in collocation or VPS (Virtual Private Server) format. We work with Kinghost, Emmex and Weblink as national partners.


We work with Containers, Docker and Kubernentes technology, allowing the virtualization of your systems in pre-configured environments that are put into production in record time. We use both Windows and Linux servers on any cloud platform.


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