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But, after all, what is a Software Factory? This article will explain what it is, what it does, and how a Software Factory can create customized solutions for the most precise needs. In a didactic manner, we will explain the concept of a Software Factory and how your business can benefit from a well-crafted and customized solution. Keep reading!

What is a Software Factory?

A Software Factory is a company or specialized department that develops software systems on-demand, following defined standards of quality, deadlines, and costs. The term 'factory' alludes to the idea of large-scale production, with well-defined and standardized processes that ensure efficiency and the quality of delivered products.

A Software Factory can offer various services related to the lifecycle of a system, such as analysis, design, coding, testing, deployment, maintenance, and support. These services can be contracted individually or integrated, depending on the client's needs.

Development Pipelines

Development Pipelines is the name given to the processes of automated development and delivery of software to the client in stages, following the concepts of agility and quality. They involve performing software testing at different levels, from unit testing to acceptance testing, to ensure that the software meets business requirements and does not have flaws or vulnerabilities. 

Some advantages of using Development Pipelines are: (1) reduce rework costs, as errors are detected and corrected earlier; (2) increase the resiliency and reliability of the software as it is tested in different scenarios and environments; (3) increase the speed and productivity of the team, as it can focus on the most important functionalities and deliver value to the customer faster; and (4) avoid leaving technical debts, dragging problems forward, as the code is kept clean and organized. 

To implement Development Pipelines, it is necessary to have professionals specialized in software testing and DevOps, which is the integration between development and operations. They are responsible for defining the tools, techniques and frameworks that will be used, for example: TDD (Test Driven Development), which is a methodology that consists of writing the tests before the code; BDD (Behavior Driven Development), which is a methodology that consists of writing tests based on the expected behavior of the software; CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery), which is a set of practices that aim to continuously integrate the code and deliver the software in an automated way; and test automation tools like Selenium, Cucumber, JUnit etc.

Advantages of a Software Factory

The Software Factory model brings several advantages for both clients and developers. Among them, we can highlight:

Cost Reduction

By hiring a Software Factory, the client does not need to invest in infrastructure, equipment, personnel, and training to develop their own systems. Additionally, the Software Factory can offer more competitive prices due to its scale and experience in the market.

Increased Quality

The Software Factory follows recognized standards and methodologies in the market, guaranteeing the quality of the developed systems. Moreover, the Software Factory has qualified professionals who are up-to-date with the best practices and technologies in the industry.

Agility in Delivery

The Software Factory has the capacity to address diverse and urgent demands quickly and efficiently. It can also adapt to changes in the client's requirements without compromising agreed deadlines and costs.

Business Focus

By hiring a Software Factory, the client can focus on their core business, leaving the technical aspects to the experts. This allows the client to dedicate themselves to their business strategies and objectives without worrying about the operational details of system development.

Visionnaire - Fábrica de Software

How to Choose a Good Software Factory?

When choosing a Software Factory to develop your systems, it is important to consider some criteria, such as


Verify the projects already completed by the Software Factory, evaluating the quality, complexity, and diversity of the developed systems. Seek references and testimonials from other clients who have already contracted the services of the Software Factory.


Ensure that the Software Factory has qualified and certified professionals in the main technologies and methodologies of the market. Obtain information about the level of experience, education, and ongoing training of the Software Factory's employees.


Verify if the Software Factory can adapt to your specific needs, offering personalized and context-appropriate solutions. Seek information about the hiring options, management models, and tools used by the Software Factory.


Confirm if the Software Factory follows information security norms and standards, protecting the data and information of your project. Obtain information about the policies and practices adopted by the Software Factory to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your systems.


A Software Factory is an excellent option for those who need to develop systems on-demand with quality, agility, and cost-effectiveness. To choose a good Software Factory, you must evaluate its portfolio, training, flexibility, and security. This way, you can rely on a trusted partner for the success of your project.

Choose Visionnaire

As you have seen, choosing a Software Factory to develop a digital solution for your business is a very important decision, and we believe we fulfill all the requirements explained throughout this article. Visionnaire is a company specialized in Software Development that offers customized solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients. We adopt a highly collaborative approach, working closely with our clients from planning to project implementation.

Visionnaire stands out for its team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, capable of creating innovative and efficient technological solutions, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products and the achievement of business objectives for our clients. With a client-centric approach, Visionnaire stands out as a reliable partner for companies looking to turn their ideas into reality through customized software solutions. Click here to contact us.