Agile Development

Transform your development process with agile teams in Squads format using Scrum

Agile Teams

Software development has changed a lot in recent years. Modern teams are digital and agile (also known as Squads or Digital Pods). Learn how Visionnaire can help your business enter the agile digital age.


Constant Team Interaction - Visionnaire | Agile Development

Constant Team Interaction

Visionnaire's customers have an open and direct channel with the development team.

Total Tracking in the Cloud - Visionnaire | Agile Development

Total Tracking in the Cloud

We have tools and dashboards to track indicators and agile metrics in the cloud.

Incremental Fast Cycles - Visionnaire | Agile Development

Incremental Fast Cycles

Leave the era of time-consuming deliveries and enter the era of agile incremental deliveries.

Team Mobilization - Visionnaire | Agile Development

Team Mobilization

We set up a qualified team for your project in record time.

Multifunctional Teams - Visionnaire | Agile Development

Multifunctional Teams

In addition to qualified software engineers, the teams rely on design professionals such as Thinking, UI / UX, Testing and QA.

Within Budget - Visionnaire | Agile Development

Within Budget

Build agile operational and productive teams from day one that fit your budget.


Agile Experience

While everyone used other methodologies, Visionnaire took the lead in agile processes, uniting people, methodologies and systems. We currently have more than a decade of experience in agile.

DevOps in Vein

DevOps is the future of agile. Visionnaire instituted DevOps as part of our DNA in all projects, using practices such as CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery) combined with modern tools in the cloud, bringing greater productivity and collaboration.

Moved by OKRs

OKRs (Objective and Key Results) is an agile management technique used by Silicon Valley companies such as Intel and Google. We use OKRs as a way of managing project results for our clients.

Focus on Deliveries

We prioritize quality deliveries, focusing on the specific needs of each project and bringing results that generate value for our clients' businesses.

Cloud Project Tools

Visionnaire performs version control, configuration management, project management and tracking 100% in the cloud, allowing our customers closer monitoring in real time.

Collaborative Culture

Discover that Visionnaire can be like an extension of your company's IT (Information Technology). We are your technology partner in the growing challenges of the digital age.

DevOps is the future of Agile

Teams that deliver software more often outperform teams that deliver software in slow cycles. The development of agile software has come to change the way first-line teams develop and deploy software.

Tools and Technologies


Jira has become the leading agile project management tool, allowing you to track both projects and source code. Visionnaire uses all the tools on the Atlassian platform, allowing customers to monitor projects in real time.


Scrum is the main methodology of agile teams. Visionnaire seeks to work with weekly or biweekly Sprints for continuous delivery of projects. We unite the concept with technologies and tools to speed up the software development process.


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is the new way of developing software in high-scale production. Visionnaire works with an agile integrated development cycle with continuous operation in our projects.


We work with the GitLab tool when the project prioritizes continuous operation. By automating various points in the software development process and using technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, GitLab enables fast, full-cycle productivity.


Kanban allows the visualization of project activities through tables and tasks that are monitored throughout the agile methodology. Visionnaire uses Kanban boards, allowing customers to visually monitor work.

AWS / GCP / Azure

We live in the age of the cloud. Visionnaire works with multiple providers and datacenters in the cloud, both national and the best global cloud providers, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and Azure (Microsoft).

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