Count on the Experts of Visionnaire for consulting in Technologies, HR, SEO and Portals


Are you tired of your IT area not generating practical results for your business? Count on Visionnaire consulting and boost your business. Technology is one of the most strategic areas for high-performance companies, and wasting time with technology is losing business. Visionnaire can help your company in all areas of our expertise, count on us to transform your company's technology, create digital hubs and build successful teams!


Experience in Technologies - Visionnaire | Consulting

Experience in Technologies

With more than 26 years of experience in the market Visionnaire has experience in the most varied software technologies.

Coaching - Visionnaire | Consulting


Count on the experience of our professionals to assist their professionals in the development of modern software.

DevOps and Agile Processes - Visionnaire | Consulting

DevOps and Agile Processes

We've been working with agile processes, joining development and operations in practice for years, and we can help your business in this process.

HR Consulting - Visionnaire | Consulting

HR Consulting

We can assist your HR department in recruiting and selecting IT professionals and assembling successful technical teams.

Digital Transformation - Visionnaire | Consulting

Digital Transformation

We take your company into the new digital age, transforming products and services to fit the new generation.

Silicon Valley Mentality - Visionnaire | Consulting

Silicon Valley Mentality

Work with Visionnaire and bring the Silicon Valley startup mentality to your company.


Experience and Innovation

Visionnaire has more than 26 years of experience in the market focused on software development, with numerous success stories in the most varied technologies. Count on our professionals for your software technology consulting needs.


Count on Visionnaire's partnership to build your Tribes, Squads or Digital Pods. We specialize in Agile and DevOps and we can use our expertise to bring the agile processes to your business in practice with real results and modern, working software.

DevOps Immersion

Talk to Visionnaire and immerse your team in our software factory along with our experienced consultants and learn the best practices in agile software development and DevOps for later application in your company.

Cultural Transformation

Perform not only a Digital Transformation in your company, but also a Cultural Transformation in your technology team. Technology changes rapidly and the software process has changed a lot in recent years. Learn from Visionnaire.

Leadership Transformation

To deliver practical results with modern software, technical leaders need to be aligned with the new processes and systems in the cloud, work closely with Visionnaire and make a transformation in your company's leadership team.

Domain of Technologies

Visionnaire has been working on technology for decades, rely on us for their consulting needs in both consolidated enterprise software technologies and new technologies that are emerging today in Silicon Valley.


We work with the most varied software technologies. Visionnaire has experience from mainframe integration to the most up-to-date technologies currently used by Silicon Valley startups. If your technology or HR team needs consulting, see who understands and has been in the market for decades, see who has experience!

Tools and Technologies


For many companies, technology is the strategy! According to the Silicon Valley saying, "All future companies will be technology companies." Visionnaire has been focused on technology for over 26 years. If technology is your strategy, talk to us.

Modern Technologies

We work with the latest software technologies helping in the strategy of your company. We work with the technologies used by today's successful Silicon Valley Startups. These will be the technologies used by companies for years to come, and you'll always be one step ahead.


Visionnaire uses Objective and Key Results (OKRs) for its internal management and tracking of strategic goals. OKR is the same tool used by successful companies like Intel and Google. We work with Weekdone, 15Five, Jira and internal strategic tracking systems.


We work with the world's leading cloud platforms in the market, such as Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. We also work with numerous cloud-specific tools and technologies, this experience can be replicated in your company.


We have been working for 26 years focused on the software market and for over 6 years we have updated all our cloud processes and tools, used all Atlassian platform tools (Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence, Trello and others) as well as modern CI / CD tools.

HR processes

We have an HR (Human Resources) and R&S (Recruitment / Hunting) process for technology professionals, we use specialized tools and systems that can also be used in your company with productivity and agility.


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