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We seek and select the Right Professional to work in Your Company


Do you need professionals hired directly by your company to multiply your team? Visionnaire handles the entire Recruitment & Selection (Headunting) process and finds the right professional for you. We have a team specialized in Human Resources (HR) to search and select professionals on a large scale using our network and modern technology. Talk to Visionnaire and start a search now!


Custom Search - Visionnaire | Recruitment and Selection

Custom Search

We rely on Human Resources (HR) specialists, a network of Information Technology (IT) talent and modern tools for faster and more assertive searches.

Recruitment Consulting - Visionnaire | Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment Consulting

We have been in the market for years and understand IT professionals. Our consultancy will be able to assist you in an assertive search and selection process.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Visionnaire | Recruitment and Selection

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We find the right professional, only getting paid if we are successful, we also offer a guarantee period to change the professional if necessary.

Cultural Fit - Visionnaire | Recruitment and Selection

Cultural Fit

In the era of "work by purpose", the fit, or cultural fit, is more important than other factors. We study your culture to get the professionals right.

Headhunting - Visionnaire | Recruitment and Selection


We work exhaustively in the search (or headhunting) of the exact professional for your needs, using technology and processes.

Assertive Pre-selection - Visionnaire | Recruitment and Selection

Assertive Pre-selection

We pre-select professionals and refer them to your team to interview and decide: you work focused and already with results.


Exclusive Tools

We use our own technical knowledge of agile software development processes to create an ideal R&S process for your needs, with modern tools in the cloud with which you will be able to follow along the entire selection process.

Quantity and Quality

With the use of tools, systems and processes, we managed to combine quantity, quality and speed in an offer that you have never seen before. Talk to our experts and learn about our work format.

Agile Process

Agile processes are part of our day-to-day work, and we use concepts from the software industry in recruitment and selection activities, delivering results to our clients faster.

Skills Mapping

We work with the mapping of the technical knowledge of the professionals, applying customized tests suited to the needs of your company. We also work with the behavioral and human skills of professionals.


Assemble your tribe, team or Squad ready to produce in the era of digital transformation and with complete knowledge of agile techniques and processes. Get ahead of the competition and save months by building a digital-ready team.

Our Risks

We are partners of our customers, some of whom have a relationship of more than two decades with us. We understand your organizational culture, and if we don't find the right professionals, the risk is ours, since your satisfaction is our job.


The IT (Information Technology) market is in a phase of high demand: qualified professionals are lacking in all companies, and, in most countries, competition in this market is fierce. Visionnaire works with ethics and professionalism in the search (headhunting), recruitment and selection of professionals, which has always guided us to be a reputable company in the market for more than two decades. Get to know Visionnaire and have the best professionals in your company.

Tools and Technologies


We actively work with LinkedIn in the search and selection of the best professionals for your project: we use LinkedIn Recruiter and we have a contract for advertisements for Jobs and Slots in an integrated way with ATS tools, reducing costs for your company.

Assertiveness with Speed

Through the use of advanced tools and a technology-centric process, we are able to achieve a better combination of assertiveness with quality and high speed, all with competitive costs that are consistent with your company's investments.

Talent Network

Visionnaire operates in the software market, interacting with IT (Information Technology) professionals for over 27 years. We have a network of talents and our own database, integrated with LinkedIn and ATS tools such as Gupy and Abler.


We work with specialized HR and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) products to manage the entire talent lifecycle process. Among the tools we use for Applicant Tracking Systems are Gupy, Abler, Trello and Jira.

Qualified Selection

We carry out personalized interviews and apply tests for professionals in the technology area so that the best ones for your company are selected. We work with modern products and tools such as Remote Interview and Hacker Rank.

Specialized Sites

We work with websites specialized in advertising vacancies and recruitment, such as Catho, InfoJobs, Indeed and Ziprecruiter, as well as Google Jobs and LinkedIn Vagas, increasing reach and reducing costs and work for your company.


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