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Jordana Feltrin -
Jordana Feltrin
Klasse's Business Director
Working with Visionnaire was, since the beginning, a great partnership. The sensibility and openness of the technical team to understand the demand, our business, and particularities, I consider a great differential. This aspect contributed to the success of the project and to its expansion, making the solution more robust and complete
Elcio Tabuti -
Elcio Tabuti
TecBan Coordinator
The development improved the availability and load balancing of the company's online financial transactions. Visionnaire establishes regular and clear communication channels to ensure a successful partnership. The team is professional, hard-working, and dedicated.
Diego Carmona - LeadLovers
Diego Carmona
Co-founder of Leadlovers
This company has helped us a lot, especially in human resource management. We had a hard time recruiting qualified people for our business, people who fit into our process, and Visionnaire with immense recruitment expertise solved this problem for us.
Luiz Ricardo Ribeiro Barbosa -
Luiz Ricardo Ribeiro Barbosa
Software Development Coordinator of Perkons SA

Visionnaire has always sought to understand our needs in order to serve them with quality. Our partnership over the last few years has been very productive.

Rui Krelling -
Rui Krelling
Consultant at KLC Consultoria
Having been a collaborator and today as a consultant, I always recommend Visionnaire to my clients for high complexity solutions. The credibility obtained by Visionnaire over the years, the result of a differentiated and highly competent team, gives us the security that the projects will be developed and delivered within the established deadlines and with all the requirements met.
Marilda Medeiros Packer -
Marilda Medeiros Packer
CEO of CITS (International Center for Software Technology)
Visionnaire has partnered with CITS for many years in a variety of ways, mainly systems development, outsourcing and special projects. Visionnaire has a differentiated team in technological domains. We always find in the Visionnaire team professionals with a full knowledge of innovative technologies required by the market, as well as highly specialized knowledge in management with agile and efficient methodologies and processes.
Felipe Eiras -
Felipe Eiras
Digital Communication Manager at FIEP (Paraná State Industry Federation)
Visionnaire has helped us greatly in developing and improving the site publishing tool. We have thousands of websites, pages and several users using the tool at the same time, which supports and supports all this work, besides being something that has helped us in the strategy of the FIEP system in its presence in the internet.


José Borges -
José Borges
Director of Reglare

Congratulations to Visionnaire. Serious and competent company.

About us

Visionnaire is a software factory that has been working for 24 years with development, maintenance, software testing in corporate environment and professional IT services, serving large companies in the domestic and international market.

Visionnaire has been a pioneer in software development in Brazil for 24 years, with strong experience in the technologies used in the corporate world of software development, including modern Web development technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) , technologies based on the Microsoft platform (.NET, C #, ASP and VB), modern development frameworks with PHP and Java platform, being the pioneer in the use of several technologies in Brazil, such as Distributed Objects, C #, Java, CORBA, UML , ALM, Cloud Computing, Application Servers, RUP and others. He has strong experience also in systems integration projects, including integration with existing customer systems (such as the HSBC financial system, Tecban and Febraban) and ERP systems - Enterprise Resource Planning (eg Benner, SAP, SAGE, TOTVS and Microsoft Dynamics).
In addition to software development, Visionnaire provides consulting and training services, owns products such as WebPublication in the area of corporate portals (CMS - Content Management Systems) and an exclusive Allocation, Recruitment and Outsourcing service to work for your company or a specific project (Professional Services).
See all the pages we developed on our website: https://www.visionnaire.com.br/en/site-structure/
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