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Build a new visionary software development.

The software industry is the most dynamic in the world, renewing itself every day. Our challenge is to be able to continually renew our way of developing software, with new perspectives on solutions and business model. To do this, we bring to our clients and teams new practices based on relevant global experiences.


Connect experiences to transform business into systems of all complexities.

Our clients have experience in their business. We have experience in software development. And it is precisely the union of these two experiences that we connect to transform businesses into systems of all complexities.

The accumulated experience and several success stories allow us to be visionary and result oriented. We want to be beyond our time in solutions and business model, building a new vision in software development. Everything we develop, including the way we develop it, must be visionary, ahead of its time.


To be Visionary

Visionary is in our name. A visionary is one who "is beyond his time". Since our foundation we value the vision of the future, vision of what is to come in terms of software development. But we are not only dreamers, we are visionaries who generate results, maintaining a constant alignment between vision and competence

Experience and Passion

We are part of the most dynamic industry in the world, and so we have to renew our experience and passion every day. We were born experienced and have evolved this experience together with our clients. Our passion for software development leads us to a constant search for innovative practices, keeping us at the forefront of this vibrant market. We proudly say that we are as experienced as always, but as young as ever. It is this combination of experience and passion that allows us to build relevant and high-impact software for our customers.

Agile Culture

We go beyond well-defined processes: we value an agile culture in all our actions. Our work is oriented towards the use of best practices, processes and tools, but our attitude is focused on simplicity and results. The best way to express the agile culture is through its core values, which are: individuals and their interaction more than processes and tools; working software over comprehensive documentation; customer collaboration over contract negotiation; and responding to change more than following a plan.


We do what we say, we say what we do. As in the saying “Walk the Talk”, we follow the path of what we preach. We have this coherence with our customers and partners and in our internal interpersonal relationships. We seek the connection between the facts, always communicating and acting objectively, clearly and correctly.


We deliver what we say we're going to do and we do what was agreed. This is only possible by having a commitment to our customers, to work, to collaborators, to society, to suppliers. Our history is our commitment: for over 27 years we have been delivering software solutions of all complexities.


We dedicate appreciation, attention and consideration to our customers and colleagues through our words and actions. We value respect in interactions between people, and different opinions are handled professionally and politely. We value teamwork and, as a team, we benefit from our differences, which helps to generate ideas that lead to better results for our clients.


Testimony from Jhoni Cunha - Jhoni Cunha
Jhoni Cunha
CEO of Soflinc
The consultancy from Visionnaire was exceptional, providing clear and effective guidance throughout the process. The advanced technical knowledge of the Visionnaire professionals is indisputable and noteworthy. Without their support and effort, our vision would not have become a reality.
Testimony from Davis Laurentino - Davis Laurentino
Davis Laurentino
Software Engineer at Vetor Energia
Visionnaire has provided us with a high-quality service, demonstrating professionalism, agility, and commitment. They were responsible for analyzing and refining requirements for the development of systems that meet our needs and expectations. The systems developed by Visionnaire have helped us optimize our processes, reduce costs, and increase our efficiency. We thank Visionnaire for the partnership and look forward to continuing to rely on their support and expertise in our future projects.
Testimony from Antonio Fernandes - Antonio Fernandes
Antonio Fernandes
IT Manager (CIO) at FIEPE
We were looking not only for a company, but a company with a publishing platform, a content management tool. Not only will we always recommend Visionnaire as a company, but also Visionnaire's solution, WebPublication, as an excellent and essential tool for managing corporate portals, evolving corporate websites.
Testimony from Eduardo Furiatti - Eduardo Furiatti
Eduardo Furiatti
Journalist at City Hall of Piraquara
We had the challenge of changing the whole issue of communication here, and this challenge involved the implementation of a modern website that was better than what was available. And, as we already knew Visionnaire's work, it was much easier to develop this project. The company was hired by the city of Piraquara and we remained in this partnership for almost ten years, from 2013 to now, 2023, which demonstrates that we have always had a very good partnership.
Testimony from Maikel Cordeiro - Maikel Cordeiro
Maikel Cordeiro
Director at Mizusoft
I've known Visionnaire since 2006. I was always struck by the seriousness of everyone within Visionnaire. It is a seriousness, but with flexibility. It's not just something set in stone. What continually jumped out at me was this: competence. You act as advisors to help us understand a little better, because our business is business management, so technology is a foundation of that.

About us

Visionnaire is a software factory that has been working for 27 years with development, maintenance, software testing in corporate environment and professional IT services, serving large companies in the domestic and international market.

Visionnaire - 27 Years

Visionnaire has been a pioneer in software development in Brazil for 27 years, with strong experience in the technologies used in the corporate world of software development, including modern Web development technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript), technologies based on the Microsoft platform (.NET, C #, ASP and VB), modern development frameworks with PHP and Java platform, being the pioneer in the use of several technologies in Brazil, such as Distributed Objects, C#, Java, CORBA, UML, ALM, Cloud Computing, Application Servers, RUP and others. We also have strong experience in systems integration projects, including integration with existing customer systems (such as the HSBC financial system, Tecban and Febraban) and ERP systems - Enterprise Resource Planning (eg Benner, SAP, SAGE, TOTVS and Microsoft Dynamics).
In addition to software development, Visionnaire provides consulting and training services, owns products such as WebPublication in the area of corporate portals (CMS - Content Management Systems) and an exclusive Allocation, Recruitment and Outsourcing service to work for your company or a specific project (Professional Services).
See all the pages we developed on our website: https://www.visionnaire.com.br/en/site-structure/
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