Social Responsibility

In our 25-year history, we have carried out several Social Responsibility Actions

Projects That Are Also Social

Visionnaire specializes in developing and delivering software projects. In over 25 years, we have delivered more than 2,400 successful projects to our clients. But we did not stop there and carried out our share of corporate citizenship by creating, developing and also delivering projects of social nature. We are always trying to give back to society, aiming to leaving a better world for tomorrow than we found yesterday.


Brazil's First Crowdfunding Website
Visionnaire idealized and created the first crowdfunding website in Brazil, specifically aimed at helping people in need. This initiative of Social Entrepreneurship was carried out in partnership with students and professors from PUCPR who are also entrepreneurs. CaridadX has already helped different Causes, reaching out more than 1,000 families in Brazil and 7 other countries.

Hospital do Trabalhador

Donation of Computers to the Hospital
In the early months of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Visionnaire employees quickly mobilized to help hospitals fight the Coronavirus. We donated top-notch computers to the Hospital do Trabalhador, one of the most traditional hospitals in the city and one of the main hospitals with health professionals at the frontline in fighting the virus.

Oi Futuro

Consulting for Impact Startups
Oi Futuro, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, is the arm of the Oi company focused on social projects. Visionnaire was the selected company for mentoring and technical consultancies to the 15 Startups in the program. The project is a partnership with Sebrae-RJ and Visionnaire employees are very proud to help social entrepreneurs in the Labora / Sebrae / Oi Futuro project. We are sure that many will become entrepreneurs in the future that will make our world better.

Hospital Nossa Senhora das Graças

Donation of Masks for Aiding in the Covid-19 Pandemic
Nossa Senhora das Graças is one of the reference hospitals in the treatment of patients, especially children, in the city of Curitiba. Visionnaire, together with its employees, donated masks in the first months of the Coronavirus Pandemic to help healthcare professionals. We are thankful and proud for being able to count on these professionals in one of the most difficult moments for the country and the world.

Winter Clothing Campaign

Campaign in partnership with the Curitiba Software Park
Every year during winter, APS - Association of Companies and Entities of the Curitiba Software Park, organizes a campaign to collect clothes for entities in need. Visionnaire has taken part in this initiative for over 16 consecutive years. In several of them, we have also carried out initiatives to collect and donate gifts to children in need at Christmas time. These are inspiring initiatives that boost our gratitude and leave our eyes full of tears when we see the happiness of children.

Investment in Startups

We invested and helped more than 5 startups in their initial stages
In the last 10 years Visionnare has invested and helped more than 5 Startups with technology, mentoring and consultancy to help them walk their first steps. Some of these activities were carried out in partnership with Hotmilk, accelerator of PUCPR. We are proud to help young boys and girls in the world of entrepreneurship, after all, like all companies in the world, Visionnaire was once a beginner "Startup".

iOS Training Course

Free Course for Insertion of Professionals in the Labor Market
In 2019 and 2020 Visionnaire, in partnership with PUCPR and Bradesco (formerly Scopus), carried out a Training Program to capacitate more than 35 initiating programmers for Apple's mobile platforms with the use of cutting-edge, highly modern technologies. The project was carried out with excellence and many of these professionals were subsequently hired to participate in real projects at Visionnaire, Bradesco and Banco Next.

Social Responsibility Is Part of Our History!

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