We developed apps that facilitate access to information and requests from Unimed beneficiaries

Unimed Curitiba
Health Care
Unimed had the need to facilitate the way in which its clients looked for information and exam requests, and adapted the new technological realities geared towards digital transformation, thus giving the first step to this inevitable change.
Visionnaire was responsible for developing a family of apps that run on a robust and secure platform, allowing greater agility on the part of Unimed's clients. This solution was developed for Android and iOS platform, unifying various information in three applications:
With the new family of mobile applications (apps) developed in partnership with Unimed, its clients and medical doctors enjoy several functionalities, all integrated with Unimed's main services. For the clients, in the Unimed Client App it is possible to perform card unblocking, authorization, exam requests, online scheduling, check attendance units and contact telephones.
For the doctors, in the Unimed Doctors App, it is possible to do information change, demonstration of tax obligations, part quotas, fee management, events, benefits, news and get service units and laboratories information. And in the Unimed Good Living App it is possible to receive specific health guidelines for your profile, as well as easy access to information related to the health programs in which they participate.
Mobile apps have been developed in a hybrid format for Android and iOS platforms, with integrations to various Unimed unit’s internal management systems. In this project technologies such as the Ionic Framework, for app development, and Java, for the Back End, were used, together with a Microservice Architecture, using the resources of Google Cloud Platform, as well as many other technologies.
The use of all the technology involved went far beyond the creation and development of mobile applications, making it a unique and exclusive solution for today more than 100 Unimed branches across Brazil.
Visionnaire - Unimed Curitiba - Applications / Mobile Solutions
Detailed problem:
Unimed offered all the information related to its services in several service channels, so users had to perform searches to find which channel would meet their needs at any given time. As it already had web systems for its users, the need to integrate these services with mobile applications arose, with the mission to optimize and facilitate the whole process.
Detailed solution:
Visionnaire was responsible, as a technological partner of the Unimed, in the creation and development of an app with the main purpose of bringing the services offered by Unimed to users’ hands for quick access and without difficulties and bureaucracies. This solution was developed for Android and iOS platform, unifying various information in three applications.
Dr. William Procópio dos Santos
Director of Innovation and Development
– Unimed do Estado do Paraná
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Cristina Leal de Castro
IT Manager
– Unimed do Estado do Paraná
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