“This has always called my attention, competence”

Mizusoft is a business management company located in São Paulo. We have some verticals, one of them (the strongest today, I would say) provides technology for the health area, then it is for medical clinics. There is a lot of technology involved in this. 

I've known Visionnaire for a while now, since 2006, more or less. I started looking for software allocation companies, and there was one right next to us, which was in the Software Park (Curitiba, Brazil). We were in the Software Park and, by chance, there was a neighbor next door, who was exactly Visionnaire. 

We carried out projects for the allocation of professionals within our company, and allocation of professionals within Visionnaire. I used to go there for meetings. Today we do more the Hunting process, so we need some profiles of professionals in the area of software development, in the area of software deployment, support. At least until now, that I remember that we sought with you, that was it. So, it was successful, the process, until then. 

Our core technology is .NET. We work in the Microsoft environment almost entirely from SQL Server, Windows servers, software using a part Forms, ASP.NET Core, mobile with Xamarin.Forms, so the entire spectrum environment is Microsoft, and all environments were covered by Visionnaire professionals. There wasn't something that we needed and that: “Oh, there's no way”; “There is no such profile”; “We can't answer”; quite the opposite. 

I was always struck by the seriousness of everyone within Visionnaire. It is a seriousness, but with flexibility. It's not just something set in stone. This has always called my attention, competence. Several times I talk to the board, mainly with Célio, a person closest to me. And even to make company decisions, I talk. You're more involved in different technologies, so, for example: now we're looking... Maybe we'll start doing a project with React Native, so I'll exchange an idea with him, see how it is, where you're going , what do you understand within each technology. I think he gives his vision. Mainetti himself too, I've already talked a few things with him and it was very interesting too. It ends up being that you participate even a little bit... A certain... Advisers, a little bit of advice too, to help us understand a little better, because our business is business management, so technology is a basis of that. 

We understand it like this: some things we do very well, others we don't do so well. And seeking human capital is one of them. It's something we don't do very well, and Visionnaire is way ahead of that. So, for us, it is much more interesting to use a company that knows how to do it well, that already has the way, then, suddenly, we try to reinvent something and have a bad result. We have already tried this path, and failure is almost guaranteed. With you, it worked. 

In addition to the projects we develop, I have already recommended Visionnaire for some others. Even large projects, which you worked on for a few years.