“Not only will we always recommend Visionnaire as a company, but also Visionnaire's solution”

The Fiep System had four independent websites, all of them made using different technologies. There was no unification of technology, each one was made in a different way, with a technology from a supplier, in short, without supportability, without standard. And they were structures that were not adequate to the size of the company, to the company's current scenario. We were looking not only for a company, but a company with a publishing platform, a content management tool that would allow us to have a standardized site structure on a single technology, with a single interface or a content management solution, so that we could, then, having a greater ability to control, evolve, manage these websites in terms of publishing content, editing and some things that we didn't have the ability to, some functionalities that we didn't have the ability to, which was the ability to integrate or possibility of integration with our legacy systems. So, we were looking not only for a company, but for a company with a technological solution. Because, if we were only looking for one company, we would have the same problem, that is, the company would develop a product, would leave that thing behind, and we would have to deal with it. In theory, that was the line of thought. So, we wanted a company with a solution. And so, we went after Visionnaire, which not only has the service know-how, but also has a solution that allows standardization, management, and publication of content. So that's why we chose Visionnaire, and that was our initial goal. 

We had four websites — Fiep, IEL, Sesi and Senai —, and we had an initial demand on the Sesi website, where the biggest problems were. It was done on a SharePoint platform that we had no control over. The person who made it, we had no contact, and we needed to make improvements to this site, so the planning was: “Let's start with it; after contracting the tool, we are going to start migrating, bringing Sesi's website into Visionnaire's WebPublication environment, using Visionnaire — obviously, all of Visionnaire's expertise as well — to help us with this migration task”. So, the planning was all based on the Sesi website. So, with the help of the Visionnaire team, we were able to do the planning, schedule and everything went perfectly as planned. We had difficulties along the way, but not difficulties with Visionnaire or the tool, I think they were difficulties on our side, that our marketing area had to do this project while running other environments. That is, changing the turbine of the plane midflight, and then it is not easy. What made it a lot easier is Visionnaire's tool, WebPublication. That was a big differentiator. It was not just Visionnaire's service, but a tool that greatly facilitated the entire process of migrating the SESI site, which was our pilot site, into the WebPublication tool. This is where we can say that the whole process of planning, executing and delivering the migration of the Sesi website was a success. 

The main benefits were the ability to manage content, which is now in our hands, now we have control, using the WebPublication tool. So, we start to have control of the content, to be able to publish new content, to change the existing content. So really the management part, now, of the environment was in our hands, different from what we had before, we didn't have any management, we didn't have any control, it was all very difficult, and everything depended a lot on third parties. Now, we don't depend on third parties, we can still support, customize, publish everything with the WebPublication tool that Visionnaire left us, and with all the know-how that Visionnaire also transmitted to us, to our teams of marketing and journalism, which allowed them to have a life of their own. So, before, the area of journalism and marketing, in the previous scenario, everything depended on IT to change a text, to change an image to something, to create a new hotsite or a new page. Everything depended on the technology, everything. Now it no longer depends. With the WebPublication tool, the marketing area is completely independent. The area of journalism, independent, they have their own life and their own tool to be able to manage content and publish content. So, this was a big gain, performance gain, autonomy gain, agility gain in the website maintenance publication process, and that was really the gains and benefits that both Visionnaire and Visionnaire's tool, WebPublication, gave us. 

We evaluate it very well because we now have this… Now we have security, because the code, the tool, the publication, is in our hands, it is within our structure, within a controlled environment, which before we barely had access to the environment, it wasn't documented, we didn't really have any control. Now we have all the control, documentation, security, usability. That is, the usability of the WebPublication tool is fantastic and allowed marketing to carry out all the control, all the management, not depending on technology anymore, so the usability was great because the marketing and journalism team today have complete control of the website environment and pages. So, the functionality was really great. The functionality from a website point of view, from the generated content, was also very good. That is, we, together with Visionnaire's design area, chose a template suitable for Sesi, for this website that we migrated, and we ended up with, let's say, a much better experience of use and design than we had and it made the life of Sesi users much easier, students, teachers, parents of students and other customers who use Sesi services, both education and Sesi Saúde de Pernambuco, it facilitated the usability, navigability on the site because we used a template that allowed us to evolve the functionality of the environment well. 

If we could give a score of 200, we would give a score of 200. If we had 200 to give, but we have to give 100, the maximum, so we really give a score of 100 to this support because it was essential and it was very professional support , was a daily support for the whole team. The involvement was really daily, very professional, attentive. The support and professionalism of Visionnaire's development and web design teams was really essential so that we could succeed in migrating the Sesi website and implementing the WebPublication tool and using the WebPublication tool because we were trained by the Visionnaire team, and so well trained that, without a doubt, our team has evolved and is already navigating alone with the tool and with the final product generated by the Visionnaire team together with the Fiep System Marketing IT team. So, we can say that the service was excellent, the professionalism was a 10, and the commitment was also a 10. 

Of course, of course we would recommend it. Not only will we always recommend Visionnaire as a company, but also Visionnaire's solution, WebPublication, as an excellent and essential tool for managing corporate portals, evolving corporate websites. I have no doubt that we will always recommend it very well, both for the S System and for the private market. Anyway, for those who question us, we will always give good references and recommendations, both from Visionnaire and from the WebPublication tool.