“We have always had a very good partnership”

My name is Eduardo Furiatti, I am a Communications and Advertising advisor at Piraquara City Hall. I have been working here since 2013, but my first contact with Visionnaire was when I was working at Pinhais City Hall, when I worked for a period of three years. Arriving in Piraquara, we had the challenge of changing the whole issue of communication here, and this challenge involved the implementation of a modern website that was better than what was available, because it was a very precarious website at the time. And, as we already knew Visionnaire's work, it was much easier to develop this project. The company was hired by the city of Piraquara and we remained in this partnership for almost ten years, from 2013 to now, 2023, which demonstrates that we have always had a very good partnership, a very satisfactory service provision for us here from Piraquara City Hall. 

After this change, in 2014, we had a new project to further expand our communication and make it more accessible, more modern for the population, since we are a public body and we need to increasingly facilitate communication for our population. Then we had a new change in the website, making it more modern, implementing video tools that we didn't have yet, among many others, which made our work here much easier as a communication advisory, because, with a quality website, we managed to sell a lot more of our content and reach more and more people, which is the function of our department here. 

Regarding the relationship we had with the managers, with Danilo, with Célio, in short, with Rodolfo and many others who started to have contact with us here, it was always very close. Eventually, when we had a situation, it was always resolved very quickly, this in the public service is fundamental, because a website cannot be offline, as it contains bidding notices, public tender notices, among other information that cannot remain without the population having access. So that was fundamental for us to maintain this partnership for so long with Visionnaire. Here we say thank you. 

During all these years, when we had access to this tool, the WebP tool, it was very easy. It was very easy for us to pass it on to our team because of the practical way of using it and, in addition, we were able to expand it to other departments in the municipality, as we have the communication advisory and 11 other departments. So, each secretariat had its registered user, the person in charge, and he made the update in his own sector without having to demand it from us here. So, this was a very good feature that WebP provided for us here at City Hall. 

We really had a very good relationship with the support team, the infrastructure team, always very helpful, either through the tickets that we opened in Jira or sometimes even, in more necessary cases, contact via WhatsApp, by phone. It was always a very close relationship and very... Very accessible and very resolving our problems here. 

Regarding contact with the team, either because of our needs or because of the proposal for new solutions that the company has always offered us, we had a period from 2020 with the pandemic, when Visionnaire started to work remotely and it was always very resolute. We had no problem with that. It was sometimes even a little faster than it was before it was remote, and we always had good results, good proposals and good solutions to our problems here.