SiGA contributes to the continuous improvement of Unimed Curitiba's service to different audiences

Unimed Curitiba
Service Management
Improve the customer service process, eliminate both paper usage and spreadsheets manual updating, and centralize control over the progress of the services provided.
Visionnaire has developed SiGA, a service management system to automate the process, from the service (by telephone or on-site) to the solution given by the various departments, centrally.
The centralization of demands (by telephone and on-site) in a single software eliminated paper usage and the need of manually updating spreadsheets, making it possible to carry out more than 200 thousand demands per month, carried out by more than 750 users.
In addition to the immediate impact on customer satisfaction, Unimed Curitiba now has access to management information such as service time and more frequent demands, contributing to the continuous improvement of its process.
Ajax, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Hibernate, Java Platform Enterprise Edition (currently Jakarta EE), JavaServer Pages (JSP), Jasper Report, iReport, Servlets, Struts.
Visionnaire - Unimed Curitiba
Detailed problem:
Unimed Curitiba served its different publics (beneficiaries, contractors, cooperators, providers and interested parties in general) through telephone service or on-site assistance in a non-integrated way.
Requests collected at the time of service were forwarded to the responsible departments in the form of a large volume of paper, and the controls on the progress of these processes were done manually in decentralized worksheets. Nothing was known about the services themselves or the demands captured and solved.
Detailed solution:
SiGA – Sistema de Gestão de Atendimento is a service management system that automated the service process of Unimed Curitiba. With a single software, all demands, whether by telephone or on-site, are now registered centrally. The solution forwards requests to the responsible departments, which, after resolving the issues, return to the system to register new information or changes in the status of requests.
As a result, Unimed Curitiba drastically reduced paper usage and centralized control over the progress of demands. Important information about the most frequent demands, for example, became accessible, guiding Unimed Curitiba in the continuous improvement of its service process, with immediate effects on the satisfaction of its customers and the perceived quality of its services. SiGA receives more than 200 thousand calls per month and has more than 750 users.