Visionnaire helped Unimed Curitiba with a registry management system for contracting companies

Unimed Curitiba
Service Management
The service management system offered by Unimed Curitiba for its contracting companies was not integrated into Unimed Curitiba's management system. Such situation required operations to be carried out manually, making the whole process inefficient and not practical. Therefore, very few contracting companies were using it.
Visionnaire developed a system that allowed contracting companies to easily update information regarding beneficiary employees. Since this system is available at Unimed's web portal and it is integrated into Unimed's management system, contracting companies started to carry out operations faster and solve pending matters without the need of intervention from Unimed's Contracts Administration Department.
The register management system by Visionnaire drastically reduced the number of required interventions from Unimed Curitiba's Contract Management Department and allowed Unimed to serve contracting companies faster and more efficiently. In the first 90 days of implementation, 1.200 contracting companies were served.
Ajax, Direct Web Remoting (DWR), Extensible Markup Language (XML), Java EE (previously J2EE), Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB), JavaServer Pages (JSP), Hibernate, Struts.
Visionnaire - Unimed Curitiba - Registry Management System
Detailed problem:
Brazilian medical work cooperative and health insurance operator Unimed Curitiba offered contracting companies a system for consulting and updating registered information regarding beneficiary employees.
However, such tool was not integrated into Unimed Curitiba's management system, named Biomeek. Therefore, tasks required many steps to complete, and data validation had to be carried out manually by the Contracts Administration Department of the company.
For reasons such as these, the system was being adopted only by a few contracting companies. Not only this, the goals of offering a more practical and faster service to customers, as well as reducing the need of interventions by the Contracts Administration Department, were not being Achieved.
Detailed solution:
Visionnaire solved the issue by developing a system that allowed contracting companies to easily update information regarding beneficiary employees, thanks to its integration into Unimed's management system, Biomeek.
The software, accessible via Unimed Curitiba's web portal, provided a quick and practical solution, being capable of handling many issues by itself — that is, without the need to involve Unimed Curitiba's Contract Management Department, reducing the workload on such department. Visionnaire’s solution was designed to automatically validate operations with parameterizable sets of rules for each contractor.