“Visionnaire's role is fundamental”

We have a great proposal in partnership with Visionnaire and Unimed Curitiba to take a leap, let's put it that way, into the digital world. We are going to have a lot of conditions to advance in the issue of health care, in the issue, as well, of service to Unimed beneficiaries, so this platform is, for any company, a great support for the digital world, a great portal through which you can withstand this new era of mobility, in which people use cell phones for practically everything in all matters, from bureaucratic administrative matters to health care, which is our core business and what matters to our beneficiaries, to our cooperative member, who is the doctor, and for, eventually, any company that today wants to participate in this digital revolution that is happening in the world today. 

Unimed Paraná is a federation of Unimed units, so it is interested in integrating a system on a state level. We also have Unimed Brasil, which does national integration, and what we saw is that each one was making small moves towards digital without much consistency. We started to evaluate what was already on the market, there was a lot of stuff, and here we found Unimed Curitiba and Visionnaire in a very interesting partnership in which the federation, as part of this partnership, was looking, in this case as a whole, at the state of Paraná, all Unimed cooperatives in the state of Paraná, and for that we had to have a base, a platform that met many interests, both of the people who participate and the question of the potential of this platform for the digital world, such as applications, wearables, electronic medical records, electronic health record system, laboratory results and administrative issues (from billing slip to queries release issues, procedures, follow-up of our beneficiary), and Curitiba and Visionnaire had already started this process, we entered the trailer, but we started to strengthen this partnership, and this great platform is really something that, as it serves the whole state, serves multiple interests, it can even serve other companies, others outside the state of Paraná, other activities both in the health sector and not, it's a matter of having a base that we can evolve. 

From the point of view of mobility, these are processes that go beyond the walls of the administrative headquarters. The processes that will be linked to this digital platform are processes that we are going to have people capable of understanding this new world well and bring to these processes that will demand quick response, quick decisions and customer service in a very sensitive, a much larger call than a customer that arrives at the counter. Behind this, we already have a Big Data and an information analysis sector here that today are merely administrative, but it's been more than ten years since we've had a big Big Data within the Unimed system. 

With the clinical issue, Unimed was very careful with this, it called the Ministry of Health itself, DATASUS, the Federal Council of Medicine, the Federal Council of Nursing to make an electronic record for health data in complete safety. Unimed is not interested, for example, in seeing the result of the exam, clinical data of a patient, it is interested that the patient always has these exams with him and is interested that the doctors who are going to attend to that patient have access to these health data, which today are usually kept in a drawer at home, at best. So, this availability of health data, the platform and the electronic health record will bring with all the security, with all the reliability of a system that was created in partnership with the Ministry of Health, which will use the same protocol as Unimed is using it in order to guarantee the citizen that the clinical information that is there is his. 

On top of this whole application platform issue, the real gem, let's go like this, the pearl that we are producing and we want to integrate with all of this is the health application. This is the true central point that will be in the hand of our beneficiary, in the hand of the head of the family, the mother of the family who will take care of the children, will take care of her own mother or grandmother, and the health care of the citizen and the family. Now, within the Unimed system, where you have a back office with the nurse, with the nutritionist, with the pharmacist, with the attending physician, linked to the medical record, this really becomes a real treasure in which we will be able to deal with , for example, with lines of care, so someone who has a diabetic mother, a child with some disease, will be able to get all the guidance there, talk to the doctor when he has some major need, make an appointment or get a return from the doctor, view all exam results, all guidance, the alarms for taking the medicine, the issue of partnership with pharmacies, which we are already doing to get better costs on top of that, so the health application it is only possible when there is this digital platform and behind it we have this whole provider network. The information for the next doctor who will see our son, who will see my mother, yours, it is fundamental for care. So, this is our true treasure, which I believe that, in a few weeks, we will start testing and, by the end of 2017, we already want to start working with it. Having the platform, we will be able to integrate all these innovations that are coming with these startups, we will have great partnerships, we are already studying some partnerships in terms of medicine, in terms of laboratory tests, in terms of wearables in which you eventually you will be able to know that this bracelet is connected with our health application, you can buy one for your mother, then you will know if the mother fell, if she slept well, so there is a whole interaction relationship, it is not just an application isolated, he will be doing all the care, bringing all this information to the doctor, to those who are accompanying him, to the health team, which we understand today that it is not just the isolated medical consultation, you have to be careful, you have a health team working behind you and you have to have data, you have to have a timeline so that every moment is recorded and this can be really effective in health care. 

On the issue of health, the degree of reliability of the people who are working with us is very important and the question of the continuity of a process like this, especially the digital one. We have the issue of launching an application and having versions every three, four months, a new version, so I can't just hire a developer to do that, in a little while there will be no continuity. So Visionnaire's role, as a partner and because of the history it has and the knowledge it has in this area, is fundamental for us, for us to work together and, with that, we can give this continuity and bring this security that we will always have an effective development and improvement of the improvements that we know that this type of product needs.