Visionnaire provided training for Serpro-PR technical personnel in modern technologies

Serviço Federal de Processamento de Dados (Serpro)
Serpro-PR, a public services company in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), considered one of the largest public IT organizations in the world, needed to update its team of developers through training focused on new development technologies from the early 2000s.
Together with Serpro-PR's IT staff, Visionnaire planned and executed several training sessions for Federal Data Processing Service employees, covering training in: Java Programming and Programming with EJB – Enterprise Java Beans.
In many public companies in the first decade of the 2000s, the existing scenario was that the personnel of the area of ​​Information Technology (IT) needed to be trained in modern technologies of the time that came to change the paradigm of software development.
It was a challenge to find companies in Brazil that had the latest technology already in place to provide training. Visionnaire was the company chosen by Serpro-PR, and during the year of 2007, it provided training for more than 30 professionals in the IT area.
The main result in training of modern technologies for companies is always the insertion of a new way of thinking, which happened at Serpro-PR, allowing the systems developed by the agency in the following years to enjoy the best software technology for its customers, the citizens.
Visionnaire's work for Serpro-PR was a set of training courses, so there was no software developed. The technologies from which Visionnaire trained Serpro-PR professionals were: Object Orientation, Java Programming, JEE – Java Enterprise Edition (currently Jakarta EE) and Programming with EJB – Enterprise Java Beans.

Visionnaire - Serpro
Detailed problem:
In the first decade of the 2000s, many corporations started to implement what had been a trend that was born before the turn of the millennium, which was the technology of Distributed Objects, alongside corporate systems developed in Java and UML (Unified Modeling Language).
Following this line, Serpro (Brazilian Portuguese for Federal Data Processing Service) contacted Visionnaire to provide training for its technical personnel in these technologies. There was a major paradigm shift in corporate systems, and that shift was mainly from the Client/Server philosophy to the Distributed, Object-based philosophy.
Visionnaire was the pioneer company in Brazil and implemented Object Orientation technology in companies, being the official representative of OMG (Object Management Group) in South America. Serpro, whose business is providing services in Information Technology and Communications (ICT) for the public sector, is considered one of the largest public IT organizations in the world, and because of that it needed to keep up to date.
Detailed solution:
Visionnaire, together with Serpro-PR IT staff, planned and executed a set of training courses that involved training in Java Programming and EJB Programming – Enterprise Java Beans. Thus, Serpro's technical staff could update themselves on technologies that were being used in corporate systems.
As a public company, the hiring process did not allow hiring for long periods, therefore Visionnaire carried out the training within the planned periods and Serpro's technical team continued independently in the institutionalization of technologies in the company and in the use of software systems development.<