Visionnaire led the creation and migration of the SESI Pernambuco website to a centralized and secure platform

Federação das Indústrias do Estado de Pernambuco – FIEPE (Federation of Industries of the State of Pernambuco – FIEPE) 


Summarized Problem
Need, by the Federação das Indústrias do Estado de Pernambuco – FIEPE (Federation of Industries of the State of Pernambuco – FIEPE), to standardize the structure of four different sites with a single solution. There was, for example, no possibility of integration with the institution's legacy systems. 

Summarized Solution
The planning, execution and delivery of the Serviço Social da Indústria de Pernambuco – SESI (Social Service of Industry of Pernambuco) website were a complete success, thanks to the characteristics of the WebPublication© tool, owned by Visionnaire, which was the great differential to facilitate the project. 

The main benefit provided by WebPublication© was to transfer the total management of content to the marketing and journalism teams of the Sistema FIEPE (FIEPE System). If, before, content management and control depended on an Information Technology (IT) area and nothing was documented, after Visionnaire's solution, the content management capacity (including adding new materials and editing materials already existing) started to be in the hands of the teams responsible for the site, without dependence on third parties. 

In short, WebPublication© provided gains in autonomy and agility in the process of publishing and maintaining the website. There were also gains in the security area, since the publication tool is directly managed by the marketing and journalism areas of the FIEPE System, from a structure within a controlled environment. 

WebPublication© also provided improvements in terms of functionality, since the FIEPE System team and the Visionnaire design team used a template suitable for the portals. In the specific case of SESI, for example, students, parents of students, teachers and other customers can now access an easy-to-navigate website.

Visionnaire - FIEPE

WebPublication© is a solution that centralizes and organizes content administration, making it possible to create, publish and manage portal content in a convenient, agile and decentralized way. It is a resistant and customizable platform, suitable regardless of the size and complexity of the enterprise. 

Visionnaire's proprietary tool has a consistently updated and easy-to-navigate interface, simplifying content management on the platform. The solution is adjustable, built to meet the specific needs of each company, allowing the inclusion or removal of customized modules. 

Through WebPublication©, it is feasible to publish in various formats, including news, agendas, photo galleries, audios and videos, banners, forums, widgets, wikis, surveys and forms. 

Visionnaire's Content Management System (CMS) solution enables companies to communicate quickly and fluidly, eliminating bureaucratic processes and endless face-to-face meetings, providing benefits to the entire organization. 

It is feasible to build a network integrated with the existing Microsoft Windows infrastructure through customizations that can be performed with internal systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and unified login. The CMS also allows the creation of workflows, allowing teams to interact quickly and in a distributed way in the process of publishing content on intranets. 

Our tool enables secure and unified control of user access to sites and subsites. By implementing access levels per component, users can be managed according to preference. 

The solution also ensures the protection and security of internal information, managing access levels and implementing internal audits that detail all aspects of information access. 

WebPublication© implements a strict access and permissions control on the platform, allowing users to customize approval flows and organize the entire content publishing process. 

For organizations that use Microsoft Sharepoint (Yammer) as the basis for their intranets, we perform an integration so that the Visionnaire solution works together with Sharepoint, as well as with other Microsoft products such as SQL Server and Dynamics. 

Through Visionnaire's solution, it is feasible to implement an internal corporate social network for employees. In addition, it is possible to perform a custom deployment of HumHub, Yammer (Sharepoint) or other market solutions. 

Our solution is compatible with several databases, and we work with the main relational databases (such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL), cloud databases (such as Google Cloud SQL, Azure SQL, Amazon Aurora and Redshift) and non-relational databases (NoSQL, such as Cassandra, MongoDB, and Elastic). 

Visionnaire's intranet CMS system makes it possible to create a personalized and responsive design, following your company's layout standards and visual identity guidelines, providing familiarity to employees from day one. 

We implemented a security service in compliance with OMG (Object Management Group) standards to ensure reliable interactions with the intranet, enabling access control by profile, user level and workflow, as well as information auditing. 

Today, the system consists of parameterizing forms and websites to comply with the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais LGPD (General Law for the Protection of Personal Data), which was approved in 2018 and came into force in 2020 in Brazil. This law aims to protect the fundamental rights of freedom and privacy of natural persons, that is, individuals who provide their personal data to companies, public bodies or other entities that carry out some type of data processing. The LGPD defines what personal data is, what are the principles and legal bases for its treatment, what are the rights of data subjects, what are the obligations of processing agents (controllers and operators), what are the administrative sanctions in case of violation of the law, among other aspects.

Testimonial — Antonio Fernandes, IT Manager (CIO) at the Federation of Industries of the State of Pernambuco (FIEPE)

Detailed Problem
The Federation of Industries of the State of Pernambuco (FIEPE) was established in 1939 with the aim of boosting the progress of local industry, consolidating a union base made up of 33 unions representing various industrial areas. 

FIEPE forms the core of the FIEPE System, which encompasses four interconnected entities: the Serviço Social da Indústria de Pernambuco – SESI (Social Service of Industry of Pernambuco), the Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial de Pernambuco – SENAI (National Service of Industrial Learning of Pernambuco), the Instituto Euvaldo Lodi de Pernambuco – IEL-PE (Euvaldo Lodi Institute of Pernambuco) and the Centro das Indústrias do Estado de Pernambuco – CIEPE (Center for Industries of the State of Pernambuco). 

The FIEPE System had four independent sites, all made using different technologies, so there was no unification of technology. Consequently, there was no supportability, and the structures were not adequate to the size and scenario of the FIEPE System. 

Therefore, the need for the FIEPE System was not simply a service provider, but a company with a content management publishing platform that allowed standardizing the structure of sites with a single solution. There was, for example, no possibility of integration with the institution's legacy systems. 

SESI's portal was the one that presented the biggest problems, since it was developed on a platform over which the marketing team had no control. Therefore, a planning was prepared from the SESI website. 

Detailed Solution
With the help of a specialized team assembled by Visionnaire, the schedule was followed, and everything went according to plan. It was not an easy task, as the project needed to be carried out at the same time that other environments also needed to be kept in operation. 

The WebPublication© tool, owned by Visionnaire, was the great differential that facilitated the project, since it is not just a content tool, but a complete solution for the SESI website and any other website. 

The modernization of the SESI website brought more innovation and responsiveness to access, making navigation faster and easier on mobile devices. With this, there was also a gain with Google integrations, bringing more details about the interest of the target audience. 

The entire process of planning, execution and delivery was a success, and the ability to manage content became the responsibility of the FIEPE System team. 

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