With Visionnaire WebPublication© (content management solution) it was possible to unify FIEP entities in a single portal on the Internet.

FIEP - Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná.
Information Technology.
Maintain and manage vast content, from multiple websites, efficiently.
Visionnaire WebPublication© - web content management solution.
Today, the FIEP portal on the Internet has more than 1,500 sites and subsites, more than 400 thousand contents and is managed in a decentralized manner by 900 users. The contents, to be published, undergo workflows completely customized by FIEP. The more than 26 thousand contents, of the most diverse formats (news, files for download, images, polls and many others), were published in the portal without the need of technical knowledge (HTML) and with a strict access control.
Solution for web environment developed in JSP, Java (multiplatform), XML and XSL. Supports major databases (Oracle, MySQL and SQLServer). The generated sites are compatible with any webserver.
Detailed problem: FIEP - Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná - needed to unify, in a single portal on the Internet, all entities directly related to it: SESI, IEL, SENAI, CIN, FIEP and CIEP. The volume of information was vast, originating in different cities (Curitiba, Londrina, Maringá, Foz do Iguaçu, among others), and all the content update work was centralized in a single team, which executed it manually.
Detailed Solution: With the implementation of Visionnaire WebPublication©, it has become possible to safely and efficiently administer all FIEP portal content on the Internet. With it you can create an unlimited number of sites, organized hierarchically, with fully customizable content publishing workflows. This flexibility allowed the decentralization of content management without giving up security. Today, the FIEP Internet portal has 640 sites, more than 26 thousand content and is administered in a decentralized way by 170 users.