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Summarized Problem
Overcome the difficulties of the current IT market and find specialized professionals to work at Ceptis, which develops paints and security systems for markets, services and products for governments, companies and consumers in general. Not only experts in the technical aspect, the professionals referred by Visionnaire also fit into the company's cultural code. 

Summarized Solution
Visionnaire, through a Human Resources (HR) sector specializing in Information Technology (IT), fulfilled all Ceptis requirements to identify, select and forward the best professionals for the company's needs, both in the technical aspect and in cultural aspect. 

Even in a highly competitive environment such as Information Technology (IT), Visionnaire identified professionals within the profile desired by Ceptis, both technically and culturally, and conducted a selection process with speed, precision and cultural compatibility so that the company chose the ideal professional for its projects. 

Visionnaire is experienced in Headhunting , having in-depth knowledge and skill in this field. We are well versed in various technologies and have experts in software, websites, agile methodologies, applications, Human Resources (HR), cloud computing, DevOps and a variety of other sectors to align companies with professionals with the ideal profile, according to the business needs of all sizes and sectors. It is important to highlight that we seek and select the best professionals not only in terms of the technical aspect of the vacancies, but also those who fit into the cultural aspect of the company. 

Visionnaire has been operating for over 27 years in software development, interacting with IT specialists. We therefore have access to a network of talented candidates and our own database (integrated with LinkedIn), in addition to using application tracking systems (ATS), such as Gupy and Abler, instruments that facilitate selection through analysis of information contained in resumes. 

We have a highly qualified team and a wide network of contacts to initiate projects, evaluating candidates and assembling competent teams efficiently. Once the appropriate profile has been identified, both in the technical and cultural spheres, and this is aligned with the requirements of the position, we proceed with the necessary negotiations to complete the hiring between the professional and the requesting company. In each process, we can approach hundreds of professionals for a single vacancy, opening a wide range to guarantee compliance with all client requirements. 

Our experts use advanced tools to identify talent, manage people and analyze profiles comprehensively, delivering solutions that aim to control and optimize time and investments. We maintain a proactive approach with LinkedIn Recruiter and have contracts that facilitate the advertising of vacancies and the use of slots in ATS systems, reducing costs for contractors. Additionally, we advertise on specialized platforms such as Catho, InfoJobs, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Google Careers and LinkedIn Jobs. 

We carry out personalized interviews and apply technical tests to IT candidates to ensure we choose the best. In this sense, we use contemporary products and tools such as Remote Interview and HackerRank, which, when combined with our advanced technological process, allow us to deliver results with precision, quality and speed. 

We manage the professionals hired on an outsourced basis through a dedicated member of our team, allocated exclusively for this role, without extra charges, ensuring quality supervision and bringing greater security, predictability and efficiency to companies. 

We emphasize that we strictly follow labor legislation and outsourcing standards, respecting the reforms implemented in 2017. Our objective is to provide specialized assistance and direct companies towards the best choices and convincing results.

Visionnaire - Ceptis

Detailed Problem
Created in 2016, Ceptis Indústria e Comércio de Tintas e Sistemas S.A. (Ceptis Industry and Commerce of Paints and Systems Corporation) develops paints and security systems for markets, services and products for governments, companies and consumers in general. 

It is the only company in Brazil that has the rights to Swiss technologies for identification, traceability and authentication, which guarantee product legitimacy. Such technologies are used in more than 180 countries, always adapted to the peculiarities of each place. 

Like many organizations in the current context, Ceptis had to deal with a contemporary obstacle: recruiting qualified professionals in the Information Technology (IT) sector. In a specific case that we can use as an example, it was necessary to find a Full Stack Java Developer to work in hybrid mode, 50% of which was in-person in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One requirement was the English language, given the frequency of communication with people outside Brazil. 

An analysis carried out by Indeed, which offers job vacancies to a monthly audience of more than 250 million active users, reveals the lack of IT professionals in concrete data: according to the study, the IT area presents the most complicated to fill out. This is because, of 15 job offers that remained open for more than 60 days, 11 belonged to the IT field. 

In short, there is an unprecedented demand for IT specialists that exceeds the availability of qualified professionals on the market. This scenario explains the emergence of the figure of the Tech Recruiter, or Recruiter in Information Technology, who is distinguished by being a recruiter skilled in projecting and prospecting talents in IT and related technological areas. They not only have skills inherent in Human Resources management but also maintain current knowledge of technological innovations, for example, programming languages. 

Like countless other firms, Ceptis has experienced the hardships of attracting qualified IT labor, which has intensified the search for recruiters specialized in this type of professional profile to stand out in the face of the challenges of the various projects in progress. 

Detailed Solution
In the corporate environment, the expression “Headhunting” refers to the identification and attraction of the perfect professional to occupy a highly specialized position, involving a meticulous selection process that is not restricted only to the candidate's technical skills, but also to their compatibility with the company's culture. 

Given the complexity and challenge of filling certain positions in the IT area, the Hunting service must be carried out by competent professionals in the sector, as is the case with Visionnaire, which located and recruited the ideal talents to satisfy Ceptis' particular requirements, employing its specialist Human Resources (HR) team to manage the entire Recruitment and Selection process. 

This means that Visionnaire, through its wide network and current technologies, took on the search and selection of professionals, which included selection of candidates, initial interviews, referral to interviews with Ceptis, monitoring of the process and due stages of recruitment until the final hiring of the candidate. 

The technical aspect of the vacancies is essential, but no less important is the cultural aspect. It is equally important that candidates fit into the corporate culture, which varies from one enterprise to another. Visionnaire also evaluates the entire cultural scope of the company to select the best candidates and, thus, satisfy all customer needs. 

For the specific case we are using as an example, already mentioned above, Visionnaire approached more than 100 people, of which 91 actually applied. After a rigorous selection process, five candidates were interviewed by Visionnaire, and three of these were approved and sent for analysis by Ceptis, which chose the best candidate for their specific needs. 

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