This Visionnaire's Success Case is an example of the importance of having, in addition to a User Manual, the technical documentation of a system

Visionnaire - Peroxidos do Brasil

Software projects must always be well documented since the beginning. A well-registered system brings benefits to everyone involved: customers, programmers, users, maintenance providers, etc. Anyone who maintains or makes use of software need to rely on good documentation to easily understand and make the best possible use of that software.

Under Brazilian law, the technical documentation of a system is not mandatory (only the documentation regarding its use is). However, this does not mean that companies can renounce the technical documentation without having to deal with the consequences. And we have a Success Case that serves as a good example of this.

Peróxidos do Brasil already had a User Manual with instructions for using its stock, loading, and billing management system, but there was no technical documentation for it, which made it difficult to understand it in detail. Can you imagine needing to do maintenance on a software without knowing it in depth? The difficulties are immense.

For this reason, Visionnaire proposed a consultancy, analyzed all the source-code of the system, and prepared the respective technical documentation, always maintaining a dialogue with the technical team of Peróxidos do Brasil to align the works.

The document was written following the studies carried out and describes the main system’s flows and functions (methods). It also contains a macro diagram of the architecture, including the architecture for integrating with other systems.

Peróxidos do Brasil now has, in addition to the User Manual, a document that details the technical aspects of such an important tool for the company's flows. A person, whether a programmer or a system administrator, can rely on detailed documentation to easily understand the GCEF.

This Visionnaire Success Case is a good example that software development needs to go beyond what is required by law. You need to know the needs and benefits of having a project that is extensively documented in all spheres. Learn more about this Success Case at the link below.