Visionnaire worked in partnership to provide highly trained technical personnel to Perkons

Traffic Safety
Need to expand Perkons' highly qualified technical staff.
In an agile way, Visionnaire provided a highly qualified team, enabling the development and the necessary integrations in traffic safety systems.
With the Visionnaire professionals who were added to the Perkons team, it was possible to carry out the necessary development and integration of traffic safety systems, contributing to a more humane and safer traffic.
Several projects were part of the development. The technologies used were: ASP.NET, .NET, using C # and Visual Basic (VB), SQL Server database, Microsoft Visual Studio. Java (J2EE, currently Jakarta EE), Spring, Webservices REST, JSON, Java Server Faces (JSF), PostgreSQL, Ext JS, Sencha, and Apache Subversion.
Software testing, preparation of test plans, test cases, test execution, test automation, Zabbix monitoring tool, bug tracking and SQL tool.
In addition, analysis tasks, design of technical solutions, proofs of concept for selecting alternatives, coding business code using multiple technologies, coding test codes, using debugging tools, improving application performance, defect management and creation of technical documentation was performed.
Visionnaire - Perkons - Development Outsourcing
Detailed problem:
Perkons is a company that develops and applies technology for traffic safety. Due to a need to expand its technical staff, it required professionals highly qualified in Information Technology (IT).
Detailed solution:
Visionnaire, through a partnership of years, solved the need with managers, software architects and testers to develop and deploy systems. In a few months, Visionnaire provided a highly qualified team that started developing and delivering systems to generate productivity for Perkons.