How Klasse increased its productivity with an online platform for applicant management

Recruitment and Selection
Klasse had a lengthy, laborious process to generate reports of data regarding companies and professionals.
Visionnaire developed an online system capable of managing the entire recruitment and selection process.
From now on, Klasse will significantly reduce the time needed to feed its database with information about companies and professionals, as well as the time needed to complete deliveries to its clients. Klasse’s recruiters can now generate reports based on specific information of applicants. Clients can access the database. Such system also eliminates the necessity of a third-party recruitment and selection platform.
The project followed the philosophy of Agile Development, using interactions in sprints in an iterative and incremental way. The project’s database uses PostgreSQL. The web platform was coded with Ruby. Visionnaire also used Ruby on Rails for front-end, and Docker.

Case presentation   
Detailed problem:
Klasse specializes in selecting highly qualified professionals for strategic positions in the IT area. It provides personalized evaluations of professionals for either selection, promotion, leadership identification, replacement, or transition.
Such evaluations rely on reports, named Professionals and Market Mapping, with information that aggregate value for the companies' deliveries. With more information from Klasse, its clients can make well-grounded decisions. It is by analyzing such reports that these clients can make strategic decisions regarding hiring, choice of professionals, wages etc.
Previously, to elaborate reports, data regarding companies and professionals was collected and typed on Excel sheets, and each new select process required a new sheet. Such work demanded time and showed itself as inefficient and unintegrated, compromising the team’s productivity. Consequently, more time was needed to conclude deliveries for clients.
Detailed solution:
The solution was developing an online intelligent system, able to cross different information from Klasse's database. It is possible to register companies' names, segments, and business area, among others. Regarding professionals, data includes position, current wage, and motivations for new opportunities. The web application also creates reports based on different filters defined by the user.
With the solution developed by Visionnaire, Klasse's recruiters now have a system that allows them to make searches with specific filters, besides observing and evaluating applicants' profiles. Using the tool, headhunters can share their ideas, comments, and evaluations, using nothing more than an online environment. Specific fields on the evaluation area can be updated, since the same professional can be reevaluated from time to time.
Clients have access to the data on the platform but can also export the data in formats such as PDF and XLSX — all done using a functional, clean looking online environment.