How Visionnaire contributed for the better use of Google Tag Manager on the Gazeta do Povo portal

Gazeta do Povo
Gazeta do Povo, one of the largest newspapers in Brazil, was not making the best use of the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tools. Consequently, they proved to be inefficient for the purposes of collecting and analyzing data regarding visitor behavior on the Gazeta do Povo’s portal.
Visionnaire proposed and executed a consultancy solution that encompassed several activities to train the Gazeta do Povo’s technology team and improve Digital Marketing. The project involved the diagnosis of the Gazeta do Povo websites, the proper configuration of the tools for monitoring user behavior (carried out by a Digital Marketing Analyst), and a training for Gazeta do Povo’s marketing and technology employees with the new practices applied.
The new metrics plan, as part of the consultancy planned and executed by Visionnaire, resulted in the alignment of Gazeta do Povo’s staff with the data collection processes. In addition, the tools have been properly configured to collect the necessary data.
With the training provided by Visionnaire, Gazeta do Povo employees are better qualified for future projects. Consequently, Visionnaire's solution leaves a positive legacy for Gazeta do Povo.
Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, Google Tag Manager, and integrations with several Digital Marketing systems on the market.
Back-end: technologies already used in Gazeta do Povo (ChartBeat, Comscore, Cxense, EI Agent, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics Free, HotJar, LOGAN, MyMetrics, Navegg, Netdeal, Racoon, RD Station, Target Data, Tracker).
  Visionnaire - Gazeta do Povo
Detailed problem:
Gazeta do Povo is one of Brazil’s biggest newspapers. Besides having one weekly printed version, it has an internet portal that can be accessed freely (limited to one article per day) or with a subscription that provides unlimited content.
With the purpose of identifying visitor behavior and monitoring access metrics, certain pages of the portal were tagged and started to be measured as an e-commerce. Therefore, articles and subscription plans were analyzed as products offered on a virtual store. This made it possible to evaluate which articles had the potential to lead a reader to become a paying subscriber, also which specific plan was subscribed.
However, such tracking and metric tools were not configured correctly for the new layout of the portal’s subscribing area. As a result, they were inefficient for the necessities of Gazeta do Povo in terms of collecting and analyzing data.
It is important to emphasize that, between August 1st, 2018 and October 31st, 2018, all users were granted unlimited access to the Gazeta do Povo’s content due to the Brazilian elections of that year. After that period, non-subscribers were considered leads to be converted into paying subscribers. Hence, it was extremely important for Gazeta do Povo to rely on functional tools to understand those readers behavior in the portal.
Detailed solution:
Visionnaire proposed and executed a consulting solution with the goal of improving Digital Marketing techniques used by Gazeta do Povo. The first step was diagnosing the situation of the Gazeta do Povo websites at that moment, so Visionnaire carried out an analysis of how both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager were configured.
The diagnose was the foundation used to propose a new implementation of both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, considering Gazeta do Povo’s necessities regarding data collection and analysis. A new setup for those tools was elaborated based on a metrics plan and a tag map. Changes were carried out and the implementation of the plan was backed by Visionnaire alongside Gazeta do Povo’s tech team.
The new configurations made it possible for Gazeta do Povo to efficiently evaluate data such as number of visits, traffic sources and access devices, which contributed to solving problems caused by the improper use of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. It also allowed to analyze visitor behavior and engagement on many pages, including the execution of a subscription.
Such changes were made possible with the use of Data Layer, a Java Script object that can provide Google Tag Manager several variables that are used to generate events and information for GTM.
In the following stage of the plan, Visionnaire carried out a training program for both Technology and Marketing teams of Gazeta do Povo, with the goal of capacitating them to operate Google Tag Manager more efficiently. The training, lasting a total of 12 hours, divided into 4 meetings of 3 hours each, was differentiated for each team, in view of the different demands of each area.
Visionnaire’s consulting also included the allocation of a Digital Marketing Analyst with the possibility of internalization, that is, the hiring of such professional as part of Gazeta do Povo's staff.
The consultancy work involved the use of programming techniques and integrated APIs, in addition to the application of Growth Hacking concepts combined with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SERP (Search Engine Results Page), GTM (Google Tag Manager), Web Analytics and AdWords.  
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