Visionnaire and Dental Speed have a successful partnership to conduct complex selection processes

Dental Speed


Summarized Problem
Need, on the part of Dental Speed, to organize Hunting processes to hire ideal professionals in highly technical and discerning positions.

Summarized Solution
Through a Human Resources (HR) area specialized in Information Technology (IT), Visionnaire has already filled several highly technical and discerning vacancies for Dental Speed.

Visionnaire found the most suitable professionals for Dental Speed in many selection processes since the beginning of the partnership between the two companies, even in a scenario of fierce competition, through rigorous recruitment processes in order to guarantee the choice of the perfect professional for every need. 

The vacancies filled were as follows: 

  • 1 vacancy for Junior Test Analyst;
  • 3 vacancies for Product Owner;
  • 1 vacancy for Agile Master;
  • 2 vacancies for Senior E-Commerce Front-End Developer;
  • 2 vacancies for Test Analyst;
  • 2 vacancies for Senior Front-End Developer. 

As can be seen, these are critical vacancies. Visionnaire conducted specific selection processes for such opportunities and, with agility, assertiveness and cultural fit, found the ideal professionals. 

Visionnaire has offered Hunting services for years, so it knows the secrets of this area. We master several technologies and have experts in software, websites, agile processes, applications, HR, cloud, DevOps — in short, in the most varied areas —, all to find the perfect professional for what companies of different sizes and segments need.

Visionnaire has been operating in the software market, interacting with IT professionals, for over 26 years. Therefore, we have a talent network and our own database (which is integrated with LinkedIn), and we use ATS tools such as Gupy and Abler. ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System, that is, tools that enable screenings based on the analysis of curricular data. Visionnaire has its own professionals and a large network of talents to start projects, identify candidates and build teams with quality and speed.

With the profile identified and meeting all the necessary qualifications for a requested position, the necessary negotiations are carried out in order to deliver the process between the applicant and the company. Our team of specialists works with identification tools, people management and complete profile analysis, providing solutions for control, time and investment optimization. 

We work actively with LinkedIn Recruiter for job postings and slots in an integrated way with ATS tools, reducing costs for companies. We also work with specialist job posting and recruitment sites such as Catho, InfoJobs, Indeed and ZipRecruiter, as well as Google Careers and LinkedIn Jobs. We conduct personalized interviews and apply tests to technology professionals so that the best are selected. 

We work with modern products and tools like Remote Interview and HackerRank. With the use of advanced tools and a technology-centric process, we are able to achieve a better combination of assertiveness, quality and high speed. 

We manage outsourced professionals through a dedicated professional from our team for third-party management, at no additional cost, allowing better monitoring of third parties and more tranquility, predictability and quality. 

We emphasize that all points related to labor and outsourcing laws are part of the process, in accordance with the changes that came into force in 2017 in Brazil. Our ideology is to help your company in a professional solution, aiming at the best way and the best results.

Detailed Problem
Dental Speed ​​started in 1998, offering marketing solutions for dental professionals, such as business cards. The enterprise expanded to what it is today: a virtual store with more than 30,000 items for dental practice. 

The path to modernization requires being aware of new technologies and, consequently, having specialized labor to carry out new projects and, thus, offer differentiated products and services. But data surveys show that hiring specialized professionals in the area of ​​Information Technology (IT) is not something simple, quite the opposite. 

The IT market is the one with the most difficult job openings to fill, as per a conclusion of a study conducted by Indeed, a service which promotes job opportunities to more than 250 million unique visitors per month. 

According to the analysis, among the 15 positions considered the most difficult to fill (i.e., those open for more than 60 days), no less than 11 were in the IT area. The survey was based on data collected between January and March 2022. 

In short: demand for IT professionals is at a historic peak, and the shortage of professionals in this area is latent, which brings us to an extremely important figure: the Tech Recruiter, that is, a specialist recruiter for IT projects and other technological initiatives who, in addition to the inherent skills of the Human Resources (HR) area, also have constantly updated knowledge of the IT area, such as programming languages ​​and incipient technologies. 

In the midst of its technological modernization process, Dental Speed, like many other ventures, felt the need to turn to specialists to find the best professionals in the technology area for different projects. It was here that she found a successful partnership in Visionnaire. 

Detailed Solution
Since November 2020, Dental Speed ​​and Visionnaire have had a very successful partnership when it comes to Hunting, that is, the search for the ideal person to fill a highly specialized vacancy, following a careful selection process. 

And this is not only due to the high level of technical requirements, but also due to the adequacy of applicants to the company's organizational culture. Therefore, they are complex positions, difficult to fill. No wonder, a Hunting service must be performed by specialists in the field, as is the case with Visionnaire. 

Visionnaire has searched and selected the right professionals for Dental Speed's specific needs on different occasions since then. Through our specialized HR team, we fully conducted each Recruitment and Selection process and found the right professionals, using our network and modern technologies for faster and more assertive searches. 

Such work included selection of professionals, preliminary interviews, referral to interviews at Dental Speed, monitoring, and procedures for recruitment until the effective hiring. 

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