Visionnaire updated Casa Thomas Jefferson's institutional website and platform, using the WebPublication tool

Casa Thomas Jefferson
Casa Thomas Jefferson had a very old institutional website and platform. Thus, it was looking for a partner for the development of a new web platform in replacement.
Visionnaire, using the WebPublication platform, created a new website and corporate portal in a personalized way to meet all of Casa Thomas Jefferson's demands.

The new portal and institutional website now meets all the needs of Casa Thomas Jefferson and resulted in a centralization of data on the WebPublication platform, greater security, increased visibility of the company's brand, integration with CRM, availability of a formulary for the users, administration and accommodation of sub-sites, and optimization of service channels.


Detailed Problem
Casa Thomas Jefferson needed to unify, in a single internet portal, all channels and websites it used. The volume of information was vast, and all content updating work was centralized in a single team, which performed it manually.

Detailed Solution
With the implementation of Visionnaire WebPublication, a solution for content management, it became possible to manage, in a safe and efficient way, all content of the Casa Thomas Jefferson portal on the internet. With WebPublication, it became possible to create an unlimited number of websites that are organized hierarchically, and with fully customizable content publishing workflows. This flexibility allowed for the decentralization of content management without sacrificing security.

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