Visionnaire and CRM-PR in another successful project with the new content portal of the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Paraná.

CRM-PR (Regional Council of Medicine of Paraná)
Need to update online platform (institutional portal) with a new responsive technology that would speed up and facilitate the access of its users.
Provide users of the CRM-PR Portal with a current and modern experience for navigation and usability without losing the original essence used.
Delivery of a portal with a much lighter, logical, intuitive and totally responsive design. Using the Visionnaire WebPublication content management tool, maintaining ease and familiarity for its users, enabling cross-platform access.
Started in 2016 with the development of its first institutional portal, in this new partnership project between Visionnaire and CRM-PR, it continued to use the Content Management System (CMS) called Visionnaire WebPublication. Robust tool capable of managing a large volume of information, making it possible for the people in charge of a quick and easy upgrade without the need for advanced knowledge. In addition to the technical area, we used integration with other systems through Java (JEE), Linux operating system, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Apache Tomcat, Java Portlet Specification, XML, XSL, XSTL, JSP, Ajax / DWR , JQuery and Oracle database. Process developed and implemented by professionals highly qualified and specialized in their respective areas of expertise.
Detailed problem: Digital transformation has been changing rapidly the way people interact on the internet, nowadays the vast majority come using mobile devices to access various information. Highly relevant point that was identified with the users of the Portal of CRM-PR (Regional Council of Medicine of Paraná), with the real need to access the platform through different means. In addition to the traditional one that was already in operation for accesses via desktop and notebooks, there was this demand for access via mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), without affecting efficiency and proper visualization when browsing the different sections of it.
Detailed solution: The project as a whole began in October 2017 with a duration of six months and a partnership developed between Visionnaire companies and the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Paraná (CRM-PR). Involving a team of highly qualified professionals from several areas such as Programming, Design, Migration, Testing, Content Production, and a major update of the WebPublication platform, Content Management System used for the portal.
Another highlight was the implementation of accessibility tools integrated to the new portal (Software Rybená). Enabling the interpretation of texts dynamically in real time, translating into the Brazilian language of signs (Pounds) or audio through a synthesized voice, thus enabling a much more pleasant navigation for people with special needs.
The result of all this work was the delivery of a new Institutional Portal, much more modern, fast and easy usability for its users, mainly in the use in mobile devices.