Visionnaire developed a system with many payment methods for different establishments

Visionnaire - Succes Case - Soflinc

Soflinc, an Information Technology company from Curitiba, Brazil, sought to develop a sales system integrated with sales terminals for nightlife establishments. Visionnaire, with more than 27 years of experience, took on the project through outsourcing, standing out for its flexibility in adapting to the client's needs. 

Using Java and Kotlin technologies, the solution allowed different payment methods, such as cash, debit, credit, PIX (Brazilian digital payment system) and courtesies. Approved by Brazilian payment methods fintech Stone, the system was integrated directly into sales terminals, ensuring efficient transactions for consumers and offering additional resources for sellers, such as sales reports and integration with business management systems. 

Visionnaire's ability to manage changes in direction without compromising the initial project was crucial. The choice of the Kotlin language, officially supported by Google for Android applications, stood out for its interoperability with Java, conciseness and expressiveness, resulting in clean and efficient code. 

In summary, the Kotlin-based solution largely met Soflinc's demands, offering payment flexibility, transaction security and business management facilities. Visionnaire demonstrated excellence in adapting to changes and delivering a robust, integrated and efficient system for sales terminals. 

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