Partnership between Visionnaire and UNIBRASPE keeps the company's systems up to date and in full operation

Visionnaire - Unibraspe

No software can be static in its design time. Every software development project must consider updating, optimization and correction processes, after all, a static or malfunctioning system means lost money.

There are different techniques for updating, optimizing, or correcting software. One of them is evolving maintenance, that is, to evolve a system with new functionalities, optimizations, and resources according to the customer's needs.

We have a Success Case that exemplifies the need for evolving maintenance in systems. This is an outsourcing project for UNIBRASPE - Brasileira de Petróleo, a company that offers logistical solutions for fuel storage and distribution. Said company uses four different systems that are integrated to generate and treat all day by day information, however, each one is formed by different services on different servers.

UNIBRASPE - Brasileira de Petróleo needed a trained professional for the service. Therefore, Visionnaire allocated a senior analyst/developer specialized in Java technology, in direct interaction with the UNIBRASPE team at the company's headquarters.

Before moving on for evolving maintenance, it was necessary to carry out an analysis of UNIBRASPE's systems. With the situation duly analyzed, the needs became clearer, and the next step was to upgrade and maintain these systems using the Java programming language, mainly, but also using the PHP programming language in some cases.

In this specific project, it was not necessary to allocate a Project Manager, since the specialist consultant appointed by Visionnaire interacted directly with the technical team of UNIBRASPE, who, with the help of Visionnaire, keeps their systems updated for full operation. Know more about this Success Case in the following link.