With an agile methodology and following new trends, Visionnaire developed a project for Musical World Inc. that aims to revolutionize the world of musician creation and collaboration

Visionnaire - Musical

NFT, Blockchain, De-Fi… These are just a few examples of terms that are not yet part of everyone's vocabulary. “Yet”, it is important to emphasize, since such terms represent technologies that may become trivial in our lives in the not-so-distant future.

We can use the Musical project as an example, a partnership that we are very proud of. Musical is a global platform for collaboration between artists, musicians, record companies, studios, schools and many others who can connect, collaborate on music, buy and sell finished works, support creators, control royalty sharing, and even turn projects into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It is therefore a place that creates economic opportunities for artists.

NFTs bring in millions of dollars every day. A simple way to understand them is to think of something with a signature, a certificate of authenticity for something unique that cannot be replaced (hence the "non-fungible"). For example, a painting has reproductions and forgeries, but the original is only one. Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are legitimized on blockchains, which are, let's say, virtual world ledgers.

Nowadays it is possible to think about empowerment through music thanks to the context of the so-called De-Fi. It is the union of the expression Decentralized Finance. To put it briefly, this is the concept of financial transactions without the need for intermediaries. Such operations are carried out on blockchains, the name given to the technologies that make transactions possible and guarantee their security.

Blockchain technology is the basis of the so-called Web3, a term used for the first time in 2014. It is not a new version of the web itself, but the idea that blockchain is the foundation of a new World Wide Web, which incorporates concepts such as decentralization (contrasting with the dominance that tech giants have in the current conjuncture) and token-based economy (that is, a digital representation of economic operations that take place in the physical world).

Different digital and artistic manifestations, or not necessarily artistic ones, have already been marketed as NFTs. And with the Musical platform, audio creations can also benefit their creators.

Innovative and decentralized, Musical partners with blockchain, storage, artificial intelligence, adtech, metaverse, artist and content management companies, taking advantage of the most modern technologies available.

The website design already existed by the hands of a partner company of Visionnaire. But the code needed to be developed to bring the project to life. Phillip Rather, then, sought out companies well-suited to the task of turning innovation into reality. It was then that, in the second half of 2021, what is now a partnership between Visionnaire and Musical World Inc. began.

The result of the partnership is an innovative project, with both App and Web versions, attractive and easy to use. Everything in the Musical project is innovative, and the technologies used are modern, which represents a challenge. But constant development is part of Visionnaire's DNA, and we are experts in following new trends and putting them into practice in projects of any magnitude.

This case is yet another great example that companies of any size can count on Visionnaire to turn innovative initiatives into reality. It is also another international case for our portfolio.

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