Visionnaire provided email infrastructure support for two domains, along with skilled labor support

Visionnaire - Amitech

Good email service support is crucial for any company. It ensures that critical communications are delivered reliably and securely, preventing failures that could impair productivity and damage the company's reputation. 

Moreover, efficient support helps quickly resolve technical issues and security concerns, ensuring the integrity of information and customer satisfaction. In an increasingly digital and interconnected world, investing in quality email support is essential for success and competitiveness in the market. 

Visionnaire and Amitech, a Success Case 

Amitech specializes in architecture and uses LASER LIDAR 3D scanning for technical documentation. They required email infrastructure support for both Amitech and their partner, Arte Maggiore – Architecture and Restoration. 

Visionnaire provided email server support for the domains and using KingHost Email Hosting. Our services included POP/SMTP/IMAP protocol support, Webmail, and email configurations for mobile and desktop platforms, along with installation, configuration, migration, and monthly technical support. Visionnaire's proactive monitoring ensured server uptime and rapid reactivation if necessary. 

With extensive expertise in system development and maintenance, Visionnaire offers tailored solutions, including on-site and remote technical assistance, cloud support, and continuous system improvements. Our managed services allow clients like Amitech to focus on core activities while ensuring reliable IT infrastructure management. 

Technologically, Visionnaire excels in AWS, Google Cloud, Microvirtualization, Docker, Kubernetes, and Microsoft systems, offering diverse cloud solutions, Service Desk and HelpDesk tools, and virtualization across various platforms. Partnering with major data center companies like Kinghost, Emmex, and Weblink, Visionnaire provides comprehensive IT solutions. 

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