We created a PHP system for the ANPAD events portal with several functionalities and resources

Visionnaire - ANPAD

Established in 1976, the National Association of Postgraduate Studies and Research in Administration (ANPAD) strives to foster education, research, and the generation of knowledge within the fields of administration, accounting, and related disciplines in Brazil. Seeking enhancements for its events infrastructure, ANPAD enlisted the services of Visionnaire, who devised a holistic solution tailored to the organization's needs. 

ANPAD required a system for its events platform that would facilitate seamless information updates. Additionally, this system needed to encompass the management of users across various categories, including Administrators, Division Coordinators, Theme Leaders, and Evaluators, with a structured control mechanism for the evaluation workflow aligned with these distinct groups. 

Visionnaire crafted a system empowering participants to register for events based on specific categories, such as Student or Associate. This system also allows participants to submit supporting documents to verify their category and secure relevant discounts. 

Visionnaire also addressed ANPAD's request for a system pertaining to scheduling and program generation. This encompassed the registration of venues and available time slots for presentations, the allocation of works based on available venues, constraints on days and times for participants, program generation post-allocation, and an online system for issuing certificates with unique validation codes. 

The seamless migration of ANPAD's event data from PostgreSQL to MySQL was efficiently executed by Visionnaire. Additionally, Visionnaire developed a PHP-based administrative system to ensure the continuous updating of the events website. This comprehensive system integrates all necessary features, including user categorization and control over the work evaluation process aligned with these categories. 

In essence, the collaboration between ANPAD and Visionnaire resulted in the successful implementation of a comprehensive system that caters to the association's specific requirements, spanning from data migration to the development of a dynamic and functional events website.

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