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Get speed and agility with Best Talent in Open Scope projects

The Challenge of Scopeless Projects

Software projects are increasingly dynamic, changing scope at the same speed that users change their minds, with no time for unnecessary documentation and bureaucratic processes. Visionnaire has experience in developing systems in an agile way in open scope projects.


More Speed - Visionnaire | Scope Open Software Development

More Speed

Don't get bogged down in additive negotiations every time your project changes, get it done quickly with an open-scope process.

Live Software - Visionnaire | Scope Open Software Development

Live Software

Software is a living "entity", that is, from day 1 of a software project, the scope can change. Be agile and understand that "systems change".

Scope Assistance - Visionnaire | Scope Open Software Development

Scope Assistance

Visionnaire can assist in the refinement of the scope during the development of a project, without losing agility.

Iterative and Incremental - Visionnaire | Scope Open Software Development

Iterative and Incremental

Today's software process is iterative (step by step) and incremental (starts small and grows), and Visionnaire understands this way of working.

Backlogs and Sprints - Visionnaire | Scope Open Software Development

Backlogs and Sprints

Put the features in a Backlog list, execute following weekly Sprints and watch your project come to life in record time.

Startup Mentality - Visionnaire | Scope Open Software Development

Startup Mentality

Instill a Silicon Valley Startup mindset in your company and watch projects grow successfully.


Years of Change

Visionnaire has been used to project scope changes for years. We know that today's world is dynamic, digital and constantly changing, we adapt our processes to this reality and deliver projects more successfully to our customers.

Experienced Professionals

Software development is a discovery process. Visionnaire has experienced professionals in Systems Analysis and Requirements Refinement who can help define scope throughout the project.

UX Aligned to Scope

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) also change when scope changes, and it's important for the UX to conform to scope changes without losing connection with users. We have experience in keeping UI and UX aligned with the project.

No Scope Creeps

Scope Creep is the name given for uncontrollable changes to a project, such as the implementation of unnecessary or unsolicited functionality. We avoid scoping issues with a dedicated team and frequent interactions.

Agility and Speed

When it is necessary to pivot a project, we change with agility and promptness. On open-scope projects, development can move quickly, without having to stop for scope discussion every time the project changes.


Haste makes waste, and speed is the enemy of quality. Even in open scope projects with priority on speed, Visionnaire values the quality of deliveries, leaving customers satisfied.

The Extension of Your Company's IT

Continuously develop software in partnership with Visionnaire, making us the extension of your IT. Modern software needs constant attention to stay up-to-date, and Visionnaire has a way of working that streamlines the process on open-ended projects.

Tools and Technologies

Requirements Refinement

Visionnaire uses tools for analysis and refinement of requirements, making projects comply with user needs. Among the tools we use are Rational, Altova, StarUML and Jira.


Kanban allows the visualization of project activities through tables and tasks that are monitored throughout the agile methodology. Visionnaire uses Kanban boards, allowing customers to visually monitor work.


Visionnaire uses ATS (Applicant Tracking System) tools to attract the best talents that will contribute to your project. In addition, we use cloud tools for technical interviews. We use Gupy, Abler and RemoteInterview.


We use software prototyping tools to better capture the users' desire. Among the tools we use are Balsamiq, Mockflow, Axure, Invision App and Marvel App.


Visionnaire can even help you define your project's business model, entering the initial requirements stages. We use practices such as Business Model Canvas, Customer Development and User Experience to better contemplate the essence of your business.


Open-Scope projects require a precise functionalities management, and Visionnaire works with the concepts of Scrum and agile development, using Backlogs executed in weekly or biweekly Sprints.

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