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Develop systems on time and within Budget, with speed and Quality

On-Time Projects

Visionnaire has experience in developing systems based on closed-scope specifications, RFPs (Requests for Proposals) and Public Notices. Count on Visionnaire to develop systems within budget and with strict adherence to schedules. Submit your specification.


No Surprises - Visionnaire | Closed Scope Software Development

No Surprises

Develop your project without surprises in deliveries and with strict adherence to specifications.

Within Schedule - Visionnaire | Closed Scope Software Development

Within Schedule

We develop projects on schedule, following the planning of specified deadlines and scope.

Within Budget - Visionnaire | Closed Scope Software Development

Within Budget

We develop projects within your budget, adhering to system requirements.

Frequent Deliveries - Visionnaire | Closed Scope Software Development

Frequent Deliveries

We plan the schedule with frequent deliveries, allowing a constant alignment between requirements and solutions.

Scope Assistance - Visionnaire | Closed Scope Software Development

Scope Assistance

Visionnaire has experienced professionals in Systems Analysis and Requirement Refinement who can help define scope.

Best Practices - Visionnaire | Closed Scope Software Development

Best Practices

We use modern tools running in the cloud to track projects using best practices.


Experience in RFP

We have extensive experience in participating in projects based on RFP (Requests for Proposal), with a well-defined scope specification. Whether in the public sector or in the private sector in large companies, we develop several projects with a closed scope.

Scope Management

We have experienced Project Managers and Scrum Masters who use the best practices of PMI (Project Management Institute), PMBok (Project Management Body of Knowledge) and Scrum for accurate project scope management.

Change Management

We work with precision in project change management, focusing developers on the defined scope. We use cloud tools for ticket tracking and bug tracking.

Test Driven Development

We implement the TDD (Test Driven Development) methodology in closed-scope projects, thus ensuring that projects are delivered without test failures and with Quality Assurance (QA).

Continuous Deliveries

We implement an agile process using tools in all projects with a closed scope, executing Sprints with frequent interactions, continuous integration and continuous delivery, all while maintaining the quality and assertiveness of the projects.

Guaranteed Investment

We guarantee the budget with our clients in closed-scope projects. If the project incurs higher costs, these are covered by Visionnaire with no budgetary impact for our clients.


Do you want to develop your project as a product? Visionnaire estimates, budgets, develops, and implements your project without hassle, creating your product the way you envision it.

Tools and Technologies


In closed-scope projects, predictability is paramount. With a view to serving our customers, Visionnaire uses several tools to help monitor projects, including Jira and Project, besides communication via Slack.

Cost Control

Visionnaire has a strong austerity in controlling project costs with the use of company management tools and specific tools for financial vision, such as Granatum and Dashboards in Power BI.

Requirements Management

Visionnaire uses tools for analysis and refinement of requirements, carrying out precise scope management, making projects comply with user needs. Among the tools we use are Rational, Altova, StarUML and Jira.


In projects with strict schedule control, Visionnaire uses Microsoft Project or equivalent tools in the cloud, such as Jira, SmartSheet or Asana, focusing on keeping projects according to plan, within deadlines and budgets.


In projects with continuous deliveries, software testing plays a key role. We work with tools that manage tests throughout the cycle, starting with Test Cases, going through Automated Tests and, at the end, using the Test Plan for quality control of deliveries.


Along with the focus on strict management of scope, requirements, costs and tests, Visionnaire prioritizes quality in project deliveries in which the scope is predetermined, making our customers have the best of both worlds, predictability with high quality.

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