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Keep Employees in line with an Intranet that speaks the language of your Business

Intranet People Use

The biggest challenge for corporate Intranets is getting people to actually use it. Without relevant information and integration with internal systems no one will use your Intranet. Contact Visionnaire to improve your company's Intranet and Extranet in an integrated, collaborative way, making users participate on a daily basis.


Internal Systems - Visionnaire | Intranet Development

Internal Systems

Integrate your Intranet with your company's internal systems and see usage and engagement go up!

Extranet - Visionnaire | Intranet Development


Enable employees to access the Intranet remotely securely and privately, creating an Extranet that leverages their business.

Collaboration - Visionnaire | Intranet Development


Keep employees informed through a collaborative intranet, which produces results.

Mobile Access - Visionnaire | Intranet Development

Mobile Access

Access your Intranet / Extranet with a responsive solution ready for any device.

Information Protection - Visionnaire | Intranet Development

Information Protection

Keep protected private information securely with access logs and information audit.

Corporate Social Networking - Visionnaire | Intranet Development

Corporate Social Networking

Allow social interaction between employees of the most varied areas of your company, implementing an internal social network.


Internal Communication

Visionnaire's Corporate Intranet solution enables your company to communicate quickly and smoothly eliminating endless bureaucratic processes and personal meetings, bringing benefits to the entire organization.

Integration with Windows

Create an intranet integrated with your existing Microsoft Windows network through customizations that can be made with internal ERP (Enterprise Resource Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and unified login systems.


Our Content Management System (CMS) solution enables you to create workflows by having your team interact quickly and in a distributed way in the content publishing process of your Intranet.


Our solution allows users to control access to sites and sub-sites in a secure and unified way, with the implementation of levels of access per component, you can manage users the way you want.

Single Sign-On

End the innumerable internal system logins by deploying a Single Sign On (SSO) solution with a unified login integrated with your internal local network.

Information Reliability

Keep internal information secure and secure by managing access levels and deploying internal audits that let you know all the details of accessing information.

Intranet Connected to Internal Systems

Create an Intranet that people use, through integration with internal systems, their collaborators will be happy to exchange information in an internal social network where information is available, all without creating new systems or innumerable logins. Talk to Visionnaire and find out how we can help you with your new Intranet!

Tools and Technologies


In companies that use Microsoft Sharepoint (Yammer) as the basis for your Intranet, we integrate so that Visionnaire's solution works seamlessly with Sharepoint, as well as with other Microsoft products such as SQL Server and Dynamics.

Social Networks

With the Visionnaire Intranet solution, it is possible to deploy an internal corporate social network (or corporate social network) for its employees, in addition a customized deployment of HumHub, Yammer (Sharerpoint) or other market solutions.

Active Directory and LDAP

We integrate the Intranet with other internal systems of your company through the Windows Active Directory using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), so you do not have to change anything in your corporate local network and still allow a single login in all the systems.


Our solution allows the use of any database, we work with major relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL, databases in the cloud like Google Cloud SQL, Azure SQL, Amazon Aurora and Redshift. non-relational databases (NoSQL) such as Cassandra, MongoDB and Elastic.

Custom Design

Visionnaire's Content Management System (CMS) for Intranets enables you to create a customized and responsive design, following the layout standards and visual identity guides of your company, making employees feel familiar with the solution from the first day.


Implementamos um serviço de segurança seguindo padrões da OMG (Object management Group) para que todas as interações com a Intranet sejam confiáveis, permitindo controlar o acesso por perfil, nível de usuário, fluxo de trabalho (workflow) e com auditoria da informação.

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