Corporate Portals

Transform your development process with agile teams in Squads format using Scrum

Your Portal as Extension of your Systems

Make your Internet presence 100% integrated with your company's systems, create Corporate Portals that communicate with your customers through a single channel, without the need for endless contact points. Talk to Visionnaire and create highly integrated, customer-focused portals.


Integration - Visionnaire | Development of Corporate Portals


We develop your Corporate Portal 100% integrated with your internal systems offering your customer a complete digital experience.

Content Management - Visionnaire | Development of Corporate Portals

Content Management

Deploy a Content Management System (CMS), Web Content Management (WCM), or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tool and have more organization in content publishing.

Digital Experience - Visionnaire | Development of Corporate Portals

Digital Experience

Make your Digital User Experience (DUX) an excellence by unifying all your offerings into a modern Portal.

Support - Visionnaire | Development of Corporate Portals


Count on the Visionnaire team for 24x7 technical support and make sure your customers never stop interacting with your company.

eCommerce - Visionnaire | Development of Corporate Portals


Offer sales solutions on your Portal through an electronic commerce system integrated with digital payment means.

CRM - Visionnaire | Development of Corporate Portals


Provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions in an integrated way with your Portal without the need for different databases.


Integrated Communication

Our Internet Portal solution allows a unified point of communication with your customer without the confusion of disconnected content, multiple sites and sub-sites and intranet in a single tool and decrease the training costs of your employees.

Database Independence

Visionnaire's Portal solution works with any database, continue to use your own database without the need for conversions or exchanges that could cause data loss or compromise.

Interact with your Customer

The Static Portal era is past, have a Portal that interacts with your client and allows dynamic communication, make your customer solve problems immediately without the need for additional telephone calls and unnecessary processes.

Standardized Communication

Our Content Management solution enables standardized, standardized communication across all of your company's digital offerings, making your customer do not get confused when interacting with your business.


Our solution allows users to control access to sites and sub-sites in a secure and unified way, with the implementation of levels of access per component, you can manage users the way you want.


Our Content Management System (CMS) solution enables the creation of workflows, allowing your team to interact quickly and in a distributed way in the content publishing process of your Portal.

A Unified Portal for Your Company

Have a unified solution for your business, where your customers interact quickly and dynamically in the search for solutions, integrate your internal systems into a single Corporate Portal with the help of Visionnaire. We count on several cases of success and we will be able to assist you in the best solution for your business.

Tools and Technologies


We integrate your Corporate Portal with internal systems through ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) products or Web solutions such as Zapier and IFTTT. We implemented an inter-application communication system through an integrated Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).


Our platform can be operated 100% in the cloud, offering high availability and security. We work with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure for large access flows. We also work with national datacenter companies.

Programming Languages

Visionnaire has extensive experience in the most varied programming languages, we can integrate your Corporate Portal with internal systems developed in Java, C #, PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Python, NodeJS and any other language. We work with the most varied technologies in more than two decades of experience.

Web Services and REST APIs

In the era of "APIzation" of the economy Visionnaire can help your company create an API-based platform for integration of all company systems. We work with the RESTful standard of APIs allowing a fluid communication and within the standards of the Internet


Our solution allows the use of any database, we work with major relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL, databases in the cloud like Google Cloud SQL, Azure SQL, Amazon Aurora and Redshift. non-relational databases (NoSQL) such as Cassandra, MongoDB and Elastic.


In the cloud computing age, the best way to integrate and develop systems is through high granularity virtual machine virtualization (VMs) or through containers with Docker and microvirtualization. Visionnaire has strong experience with these technologies and can help you with integration.

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