Focus on creating a true solution to your user's problem in a simple, practical and functional way.

When it comes to application development, we talk about an question not as easy as it sounds. In addition to the need for knowledge as a programming language and knowing how to use some right tools, the idea and the ultimate goal of the project is what will stand out and make a difference to your success.

But after all, what makes an App have millions of downloads and be a real success? The main point is to truly solve the problem / need of your user, always in a simple practical and functional. Keep reading and find some key tips for developing a successful app.

Align Usability + User Problem

Be concerned about investing in a good smart user experience along with the interface, having a simple and intuitive design.

The easier it is to use the application, the more likely it is to arouse user sympathy. Avoid using tricky, hard-to-find operations, think everything should be accessed with ease.

The first impression

Surely you  have listened to this phrase on some occasions, do not forget it, because for the success of your application she it is valid as well. 

Design is the first point of contact of the user with your product, and one of the points that will define your success or failure. In a harmonious and easy-to-understand way, you must have aspects such as your visual identity, information architecture, navigation patterns, different screen transitions, among other details that end up making the user experience apleasant.

Simplicity is everything

Applications need to have "paths" that make it easier for your user to reach their goal. So that these paths do not become a real labyrinth, develop simple navigation features. 

For example, you can create an application for each of the actual features, rather than creating an application with several different functions.

Putting Scalability into Practice

In summary, scalability is a desirable trait throughout the system, in a network or in a process, indicating its ability to handle a growing portion of uniform work (be prepared to grow).

It can ensure that your user base can grow exponentially, being very important to getting people to know your real solution. One tip is to add functions in your app that help people in interactions with social networks, login through them, among others.

A good bet can be Gamification

Seu aplicativo não precisa necessariamente ser um jogo para tirar proveito de todos os benefícios que a gamification pode trazer ao seu projeto. 

Using the mechanics of games for a solution can greatly enhance your user experience. Develop a system in which your users always feel rewarded for their actions, and thereby awaken the desire to interact even more with your app.

Plan, execute, and track your Mobile Marketing

Para qualquer produto ou serviço novo, é necessário um bom planejamento de marketing para que as pessoas saibam sobre isso. À medida que nos aproximamos do aplicativo para dispositivos móveis, as opções de desenvolvimento de Marketing Móvel em seu projeto são amplas e bem efetivas, podendo atingir determinados objetivos e estudar 100% dos resultados de sua estratégia.

Use ferramentas com base em seu perfil de usuário, como redes sociais, sites, vídeos e anúncios patrocinados em outros aplicativos. Desenvolva uma maneira de encorajar a avaliação do usuário para se destacar mais e alcançar ainda mais pessoas.

Records and Documentation

Este é um ponto muito importante para evitar que seu projeto seja copiado por outros. Afinal, toda boa idéia precisa ser documentada, então registre cada passo da sua evolução desde o início, se você olhar, você encontrará vários softwares e aplicativos que podem ajudá-lo nesta etapa.

Cloud Computing as a differential

More and more people are betting on security and the possibility of storing in the cloud, making it a great strategy for those who invest in an application. 

Besides having a good capacity to store all the data, you are protected and it prevents any type of invasion, of breaking you ends up avoiding slowness or even loss of data.

Clean Code Practice

For you to have a final result with excellent performance of your application, be careful when programming it, do not make extreme modifications to your lines.

The "tweaks" can result in bugs and slowness of your app. To avoid these types of problems, correctly follow good practice in developing your application's programming lines.

Take advantage of advanced API uses

With them, it is possible to explore all the resources that the system offers such as access to gpu, network, geolocation, among others. You can also use some more advanced features and ensure that your application has good quality for your users to use.