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Unimed Mobile Medical Guide

With the large adoption of mobile devices by its customers, Unimed needed to migrate its Medical Guide to mobile applications. Visionnaire helped design solution, development and deployment across all App Stores.

Unimed Curitiba.
Unimed needed to migrate its catalog of service providers, the paper world, to the mobile world, integrated with existing systems, and utilizing features of all types of mobile devices.
Visionnaire helped with the solution by designing the Mobile Medical Guide architecture and deploying, in an innovative way, all App Stores from device vendors. This is integrated with current Unimed systems.
With the new Mobile Medical Guide, Unimed greatly reduced the costs of producing paper catalogs (before the guide was made on paper and also placed in the telephone directories of cities), increased productivity, allowed information to always be 100% up-to-date And served his clients so that everyone could have access to the Medical Guide, even when on the move.
Due to the requirements of running on all mobile device platforms and in a way that was integrated with Unimed's current management systems, a distributed Application Server-based solution was designed on the server with applications (Apps) on the client, communicating Via Webservices and the Unimed Communication Protocol. The Java language was used on the server, running Oracle Glassfish (originally from Sun Microsystems). The database is Oracle. The applications were developed using PhoneGap / Cordova, allowing portability between brands and models. We also used JQuery UI Mobile, Google Maps Integration API and SQLite database on the application side. The integrations were with the Oracle database and the Benner management system (ERP).
Detailed problem: With the increasing adoption of mobile devices, Unimed noticed that more and more customers were connected via mobile. Allied to this, less and less paper and catalogs are used. So the Unimed Doctors Catalog, which historically was made into a large compendium, and then attached to the City Phone Book Guides, became a great candidate to be migrated to a mobile solution. That's where the Unimed Mobile Medical Guide was born.
The problem was to migrate this whole catalog, integrated with the internal systems of the Unimed (ERP System - Enterprise Resource Planning) to the Internet, in a way that was accessible through applications on mobile devices. An important requirement was that the application should be running on all major platforms (Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry OS and Microsoft Windows Phone), and also work on the Web, with the same code base.
Other important requirements were that data from Unimed providers (doctors, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, diagnostic centers, home cares, day hospitals, ready-care and emergency services) should be integrated with the Unimed System and ERP, In a way that was always up to date. Also in the case of providers that serve within a certain agenda, this agenda should appear in the application, and finally, there was the requirement to show the location of the provider on the map, capturing the client's geo-location, and tracing a route Getting to the place. All this in an integrated way with all mobile phones.
Detailed solution: Visionnaire was a key player in solution design, development and deployment. The Unimed Curitiba Medical Mobile Guide is currently present in all App Stores, (Apple App Store, Google Play, Blackberry World and Microsoft Store) as well as being on the Internet via the Web. Reference to other Unimed singers all over the country.
Given the requirement to run on all platforms, a solution was designed that on the server runs on a Java-based Application Server, communication with the applications (Apps) on each client is done via Webservices. The application was developed in an independent technology platform (device independent) that is PhoneGap / Cordova. And the integration with the ERP System and the Unimed Databases were done via Java and Application Server components.
That way, with only one code base, it was possible to offer the solution to "all" Unimed customers, regardless of which device the person uses. This does not compromise application performance because the solution also uses native code optimizations for each device where it is needed. All this allowed a great gain of productivity in the development, reducing costs, and allowing the maintenance of only a base of source code.
Unimed Curitiba - Mobile Medical Guide
Developed by Visionnaire

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