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Portal developed with Visionnaire WebPublication ©, allowing greater productivity in the publications, integration of the companies of the Park and the creation of an agenda for the sector.

APS - Association of Companies and Entities of the Software Park of Curitiba
Real Estate Management
Create an Internet Portal that represented the technology sector and reflect the importance of the Curitiba Software Park, using a Content Management tool in a way that would optimize the publications, allowing the digital integration of the companies of the Park, the Which did not yet exist, and also the creation and updating of an agenda for the sector.
The Visionnaire WebPublication platform was used, which allowed that in a record time, with the use of templates, the site was on the air, at a low implantation cost, with translation of the content, integration of the companies of the Park by digital means and a Calendar for the ICT Sector of Paraná (Information and Communication Technology.
With the solution created by Visionnaire, the site of the Software Park had an increase of about 10 times in accesses, many more visitors from abroad, which resulted in international missions that led to important business for the Software Park companies. In addition the communication of the site was strongly directed to media in video, were made customizations in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and implantation of automatic translation for several languages.
The Content Management System (CMS) was used because due to the large volume of information and the need for constant updating, it would not be possible to develop a static site. That's why we used Visionnaire WebPublication, which is a content management system geared towards portals of all sizes.
Other technologies used were: Java language (JEE), Linux operating system, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Apache Tomcat, Java Portlet Specification, XML, XSL, XSTL, JSP, Ajax / DWR, JQuery, MySQL database, API integration Bing, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, integration with Google Analytics and Google Maps.
Detailed problem: APS - Association of Enterprises and Entities of Curitiba Software Park needed to remodel its website, creating a portal that reflects its importance in Curitiba's technology sector with requirements of a CMS (Content Management System) tool. Among the requirements were the provision of a CMS tool (which Visionnaire assisted using Visionnaire WebPublication) that met institutional communication needs.
The Association had as its goal a website that professionally represented the ICT sector of Curitiba and Paraná, that would be attractive to people from abroad who wanted to know more about the Software Park, and that this Portal would enable the translation into several languages. This Multimedia Portal should make videos available in an attractive way and function as an integrator or agglutinator, of the companies, via the digital medium. There was also the challenge of creating a timetable for the sector.
The expectation was that the Portal had a more modern and responsive design.
Detailed solution: Visionnaire brought the Portal solution to APS, following the concepts of a Content Management System (CMS). The product used was Visionnaire WebPublication, which met all the needs of the Association, and additional needs that appeared later.
The current Portal of APS has all the features of Visionnaire WebPublication, including content publishing, content separation (in the database) and layout (in the browser), security, access control, responsive design support, content workflow , Database independence, integration with social media, support for Google Analytics, adherence to W3C standards, HTML editor built into the tool and support for all browsers.

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