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Consulting on Performance of Corporate Systems in Java and Free Software

Visionnaire assisted Celepar in improving the performance of state enterprise systems developed on the Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) platform in Free Software.

Celepar - Information and Communication Technology Company of Paraná.
A large number of enterprise systems developed in Java, combined with a high volume of access, led to performance degradation in state-critical systems, such as the Electronic Nota Fiscal (NF-e) system.
Visionnaire, through highly skilled professionals for the task of performance improvement and fine-tuning of corporate systems, has allowed systems to practically double their performance capacity. A focus was also given on improvements and fine-tuning for the databases. All the work was done in partnership with the professionals of the area of IT of Celepar.
In a short time, it was possible to practically double the capacity of the performance in critical corporate systems, the most important of which (which generated higher processing volume) was the State Electronic Nota Fiscal (NF-e) system. Through in-depth source code reviews and replanning of the application server's thread architecture, it was possible to achieve a nearly 100% performance gain over a record time of work, allowing the company to maintain the hardware and software platform for longer Without the need to purchase new servers.
The technologies used were mostly free software, including Linux Operating Systems (RedHat, CentOS), JBoss Application Server, Apache Tomcat, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, and the entire Java platform (JEE), including a number of Java APIs JPA). In addition, integrations and optimizations to Oracle databases were required.
Detailed problem: With the large number of enterprise systems developed in Java, combined with the high volume of access to these systems, system performance began to decline, and clinical analysis was needed in the source code with a focus on system performance improvement . By 2013 Celepar was serving about 5250 connection points in the state for more than 900 information systems. All 399 municipalities in the State of Paraná are served. Only the Electronic Invoice system (NF-e) processed millions of monthly NF-es, which caused a heavy load on application servers and databases.
Detailed solution: Visionnaire, through the work of its highly qualified professionals for this function, worked together with the technical team of Celepar to enter the detail of the source codes, directly in the points of greater processing, for optimization. In a few days it was able to optimize both the code, the database and the JBoss servers allowing the daily processing capacity (in the case of the NF-e system) to nearly double. As an example of optimization, one of the points was the way the threads were being created in the servers and application, which caused a heavy load on JBoss and connections to the databases. Through a re-planning of the threads architecture, it was possible to gain fast and immediate performance in the systems.

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