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The CA-CallBox is a system for managing service requests and answering calls to highways through Siemens CallBox.

Siemens Brazil.
Manage service requests and answer calls made by the CallBox.
Visionnaire has developed the CallBox Central Call Center software to manage the CallBoxes equipment.
There was a great increase in the quality of the services rendered, because the CallBox Call Center software reduced the service time, increased the attendants productivity and eliminated errors in the service process.
Rational Rose, ORBacus, JLoox (for graphical user interface) and Persistent State Service (PSS). The latter is a software component developed by Visionnaire and used for object persistence in relational databases.
Detailed problem: With the privatization of highways, utilities need to meet service quality improvement goals, required by law, providing better service to users of these roads. For this, the highways must install emergency telephones every kilometer, in both directions. Equipment is susceptible to weathering and vandalism, and should be easy to use and maintain. Siemens had the hardware, but not the software.
Detailed solution: Visionnaire has developed the CA-CallBox: a system for managing service requests and answering calls made on highways by Siemens CallBox. Besides handling the occurrences electronically, it manages the CallBoxes installed on the highway. Service requests are made by people who are traveling the highway, using a CallBox, a 0800 telephone number or radio. Regardless of the form used, the connection will be directed to a CA-CallBox operator who will handle the request and record its activities in the system. The developed system receives CallBoxes requests and details the occurrence on the computer screen, along with the location map of the CallBoxes and their operational state (in attendance, waiting, idle, equipment failure, etc.). CallBox service requests and operating status are represented visually and visually through color and format change.
Each CallBox is positioned on the road map, so that when receiving a call the operator can identify the location quickly and, therefore, the service will be more effective. All conversations with users are recorded and information is recorded. Through the CA-CallBox the operators follow the service, registering the dispatch of ambulances, firefighters or police vehicles, as well as the times of calls and other information about the services provided. The system also allows you to register calls via radio, 0800 and highway inspector. CA-CallBox keeps track of all occurrences and provides statistical reports.

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