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BPM Outsourcing Specialized IT Professionals

Seeking a continuous solution of its processes, a Unimed counted on specialized practices of Visionnaire to improve its results.

Unimed Curitiba
Unimed Curitiba needed a serious company that would provide professionals trained in BPM (Business Process Management) in order to systematize and facilitate their organizational processes.
We provide a team, according to the time determined in contract, to carry out the necessary mappings and determine possible optimizations in the processes.
Restructured processes and results achieved. With Visionnaire employees who were added to the Unimed team, it was possible to achieve excellence and optimization in internal processes.
The allocation of professionals was focused on the profile in process management, specifically BPM (Business Process Management), where the main tool used was AtosBPM. Java language was also used for system development and integration.
Detailed problem: Unimed Curitiba had the need of a team with IT professionals to redesign its processes, professionals with knowledge in process management and in the following attributions:
A) Process modeling;
B) Simulation of pre-established rules;
C) Execution of new processes;
D) Automation, reaching the extreme of efficiency, using the appropriate tools;
E) Control, all stages of the project are measured through reports and flows;
In addition, these professionals should have experience in software development in Java.
Detailed solution: Through its expertise and a good relationship acquired in previous projects, Visionnaire quickly provided a team of qualified professionals for allocation at Unimed Curitiba, composed of senior process analysts and business analysts.

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