Solution conceived by Visionnaire and developed in partnership with TIM to integrate the wireless world with the corporate world.

Enable TIM's enterprise customers to adopt the wireless world faster, more quickly and with complete security through the use of a software platform that integrates with their enterprise systems.
Visionnaire devised and created, together with TIM, the Wireless Manager, which is a secure software platform that enables the integration of the wireless world of mobile phones with the interconnected world of corporate systems.
In the security section, with the help of Visionnaire professionals, it was possible to eliminate the security issues that were allowing hackers to hack into systems, as well as transferring that knowledge to Electrolux. In the system updates part, some of the contracted systems have been updated with the development and delivery done in an agile and productive way.
The platform was developed in Java, with access via Application Servers. All administration is done via Web (HTML, CSS, Javascript technologies) and data can be stored in any database, since a database isolation layer (persistence layer) has been developed. One of the key modules of the solution is the Access Control and Security Service (ACSS) as it is a prerequisite for operation in the corporate environment. For the security solution Visionnaire used Visiononire Charon, which is an implementation of Access Control, Security and Single Sign-on developed by the company.
Detailed Problem: In the early years of the wireless revolution in Brazil, there was the problem of mobile operators presenting solutions to their corporate customers who enjoyed the convenience and speed that the wireless world brought. It was in this context that the Wireless Manager project was born, a project conceived by Visionnaire and executed in partnership with TIM. The product allowed TIM's business customers to control the most varied functions of their corporate systems, but in the mobile phone. Some examples of integrations and controls that have been possible with the Wireless Manager include: Integration with Corporate Management Systems (ERPs), integration with CRMs (Customer Relationship Managers), monitoring of real-time mobile indicators, inbound and outbound Systems of turnstiles of great schools, integrated with messages in the cellular, etc. The challenge was to develop a software platform that would allow the most varied solutions to be developed on that platform. The platform allowed integrations and messages via SMS, TCP / IP and WAP.
Comprehensive Solution: Within the context of creating a platform that would serve as a basis for other systems to run above that platform, Visionnaire idealized and developed the Wireless Manager, which is a platform developed in Java that integrates with the media of operators (Mobile system operators). Among the features of the platform were: integration with the concept of "large accounts" in the telephony world, SMS, TCP / IP and WAP support, security and access control, and the ability to manage the entire platform via the web. The Wireless Manager solution was offered by TIM to its corporate customers for many years until the recent smartphone revolution, when other forms of integration were possible and the system was adapted.