Unimed had the need for outsourcing specialized in Benner System, the Management System used by the company.

Unimed Curitiba
Unimed uses Benner Sistemas ERP as its management system, and it needed specialized personnel in that application.
Visionnaire has provided Benner expertise and technical personnel to assist with Unimed projects.
The Benner project within Unimed Curitiba is a great project, since it is associated with the implementation of a Management System (or ERP System) that involves all areas of the company. Visionnaire through its know-how and specialized personnel at Benner has aided Unimed in its developments, customizations and deployments. Visionnaire, in addition to knowing the system also uses the Benner as its own management system, this helped further in the whole process.
The main technology of this project is the Benner Management System, mainly in regards to integrations, customizations and deployments. Benner-specific scripting languages are used as well as Java, JavaScript, and PL-SQL for integrations with the Oracle database. Reporting system such as iReport and JReport are also used.
Detailed problem: Unimed uses the Benner System as its management system and it needed a specialized person as well as a company that knew the system well, to assist in the development, customization and integration of current systems with Benner. Visionnaire through his knowledge in Benner helped with the projects.
Comprehensive solution: Quickly build a team with Benner knowledge and related technologies to assist in the delivery of projects by Unimed. In addition, Visionnaire has also assisted with its own knowledge of Benner (as it also uses Benner as its own management system) and integration technologies such as Java, Javascript, Oracle and reporting tools. A strong point of the solution is that Visionnaire also has a high degree of knowledge of Unimed's health systems and internal systems, as well as participating in the development of many of these systems and having a partnership with Unimed that adds more Of 12 years.