With the help of Visionnaire in technical systems analysis, Assohonda was able to follow the best path to its network of more than 700 Honda dealers in the country

Assohonda - Brazilian Association of Honda Dealers
Real Estate Management
Asihonda needed to have a highly qualified company to perform an analysis, diagnosis and technical tooling for the Honda dealer network.
Visionnaire set up a highly technical team and performed all the analysis on the tools being evaluated, and in the end allowing Assohonda the best decision making.
With the result of the work carried out by Visionnaire's team of professionals, Assohonda was able to make the best decision for its network, working for the productivity of its network of more than 700 concessionaires.
Tools based on Windows platform, with modules executed via the Web. Programming languages C # .NET, ASP.NET and Delphi. Firebird and SQL Server databases. Data modeling tools. Technical documentation and specifications in UML.
Detailed problem: Assohonda represents the network of Honda motorcycle dealers for 34 years with more than 700 dealerships. Given the importance and representativeness of the association and the fact that the association was undergoing a technical analysis of a software system, it was necessary to hire a technology partner to carry out a technical audit of the software solutions being analyzed by Assohonda. And it was in this scenario that the project began with Visionnaire.
Visionnaire was commissioned to conduct a study, followed by in-depth technical analysis of a software tool that was evaluated by Assohonda as a solution for the entire network. In addition to this technical analysis, Visionnaire performed a detailed technical audit, including immersion in the tools, analyzing source code, database architecture, and opinion on the companies involved.
Detailed Solution: Visionnaire involved a group of highly technical professionals to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the tools that the Whistle was analyzing. In the end, a report with diagnosis, technical opinion, points of attention and company profile was created. In addition, presentations for the staff and advisers of the Assohonda were carried out, allowing the association to follow its best decision, based on the technical aspects of the evaluation of the tools.
Only with a strong partnership and a thorough technical evaluation that the work could generate satisfactory results, and that is exactly what happened, the results allowed to follow the best decision in accordance with the strategic guidelines of the association.