With help from Visionnaire, Siemens Brasil provided top-notch service for CallBox users

Siemens Brasil
Siemens Brasil already had emergency telephones installed on many privatized highways, but the company did not have a software capable of offering a top-notch service for users of such equipment.
Visionnaire developed a system capable of electronically handling occurrences and managing installed equipment. The software for connecting users and operators, besides detailing occurrences with maps of telephone locations and reporting their operational statuses.
The system developed by Visionnaire reduced service time, increased operators’ productivity, and eliminated mistakes in the processes of both equipment management and user support. Ultimately, there has been a great increase in the quality of the services provided by Siemens Brasil.
JLOOX (for graphical user interface), ORBacus, Rational Rose, and Persistent State Service (PSS). The latter is a software component developed by Visionnaire and used for object persistence in relational databases.
Visionnaire - Siemens
Detailed problem:
Siemens Brasil already had a hardware, named CallBox, a telephone equipment installed on many highways across the country. What it lacked was a software capable of providing a top-notch service, meaning fast, efficient, and error-free, for users of the apparatus.
As part of a set of rules for concession companies maintaining privatized highways, Siemens Brasil was obliged to meet targets to improve the quality of the services provided and offer a better experience for users of such highways.
For instance, the emergency telephones had to be installed each kilometer on both ways of the road, besides being easy to use and maintain. Additionally, it was also necessary to consider that such equipment was susceptible to weather variations and vandalism.
Detailed solution:
Visionnaire developed a system for managing service requests and answering calls made from highways via Siemens CallBox, telephone, or radio. The solution focused on both handling occurrences electronically and managing installed CallBoxes across different highways.
The system was developed by Visionnaire to route calls to operators responsible for addressing and registering the situation, regardless of the equipment used (CallBox, telephone, or radio).
The solution was designed to detail occurrences on the operator’s screen, including a map with locations of CallBoxes. The fact that each CallBox was positioned on the map made it possible for operators to quickly identify the place of an occurrence and offer a quicker service, monitoring the assistance and registering the dispatch of an ambulance, fire truck or police vehicle.
The software was also able to detail operational statuses of CallBoxes — in service, standby, idle, failure and so on. Color and shape variations were used to highlight both service requests and operation statuses.
Visionnaire’s solution allowed the register of many details, keeping track of all occurrences and providing statistical reports with information such as handle times. The software also made it possible to record all conversations with users.